Standards Chairpersons, Members & Steering Committee Liaisons


Standard 1: Mission and Purpose

  • Chair:  Karen Koza
  • Members:  Michael Wilson
  • Steering Committee Liaison:  Dan Goble

Standard 2: Planning and Evaluation

  • Chair:  Karen Koza
  • Members:  Scott McGregor
  • Steering Committee Liaison:  Dan Goble

Standard 3: Organization and Governance

  • Chair:  Karen Koza
  • Members:  Susan Maskel, A. Ben Oumlil
  • Steering Committee Liaison:  Dan Goble

Standard 4:  The Academic Program

  • Chair overseeing entire standard:  Shane Murphy
  • Members:  Chuck Rocca, Burt Peretti, Bonnie Rabe, Pam McDaniel, Lorraine Capobianco and Todd McInerny
  • Steering Committee Liaisons:  Carol Hawkes, Katy Wiss

Undergraduate Degree Programs
General Education
The Major or Concentration

  • Chair:  Chuck Rocca
  • Members:  Robin Flanagan, Brian Kennison, Abbey Zink
  • Steering Committee Liaison:  Josie Hamer

Graduate Degree Programs

  • Chair:  Burt Peretti
  • Members:  Marjorie Callaghan, Nancy Heilbronner, Gabriel Lomas, Shouhua Qi, John Ryan, Fred Tesch
  • Steering Committee Liaison:  Marcy Delcourt

Integrity in the Award of Academic Credit

  • Chair:  Bonnie Rabe
  • Members:  Rebecca Diot, Robin James, George Kain
  • Steering Committee Liaisons:  Marcy Delcourt and Dan Goble

Assessment of Student Learning
Institutional Effectiveness

  • Chair:  Pam McDaniel
  • Members:  Jay Brower, Katie Lever-Mazzuto, Lisa Peck
  • Steering Committee Liaison:  Jerry Wilcox

Standard 5:  Faculty

  • Chair:  Bill Petkanas
  • Members:  Melissa Fenwick, Tom Philbrick
  • Steering Committee Liaison:  Josie Hamer

Standard 6:  Students

  • Chair:  Walter Cramer
  • Members:  Margie Aldrich, Michelle Bishop, Ayanna Bledsoe, Lorraine Capobianco, Steve Goetsch, Deb Hardy, Ron Mason, Dora Pinou, Francesca Testa
  • Steering Committee Liaisons:  Walter Bernstein, Jerry Wilcox

Standard 7:  Library and Other Information Resources

  • Co-Chairs:  Linda Forbes and Kit Hinga
  • Members:  Jan Gangi, Kara Kunst, Karin Mansberg,  Jennifer O’Brien, Joan Palladino, Steve Veillette, Rebecca Woodward
  • Steering Committee Liaison:  Katy Wiss

Standard 8:  Physical and Technological Resources

  • Co-Chairs:  Veronica Kenausis and Mitch Wagener
  • Members:  JC Barone, Douglas O’Grady, Jeff Postolowski, Josh Salthouse, Peter Visentin
  • Steering Committee Liaisons:  Dan Goble, Paul Reis

Standard 9: Financial Resources

  • Chair:  Fred Maidment
  • Members:  Sean Loughran, Tom Monks, Jane Von Trapp
  • Steering Committee Liaison:  Paul Reis

Standard 10:  Public Disclosure

  • Chair:  Carolyn Lanier
  • Members:  Fred Cratty, Truman Keys, Chuck Mullaney
  • Steering Committee Liaison:  Chuck Mullaney

Standard 11:  Integrity

  • Chair:  Carolyn Lanier
  • Members:  Fred Cratty, Truman Keys, Chuck Mullaney
  • Steering Committee Liaison:  Chuck Mullaney

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