Tutoring Resource Center : General Policies

Holidays and Inclement Weather

The Tutoring Resource Center follows the official University schedule for holidays, breaks, and cancellations – including weather closures, delays, and early dismissals. 

Inclement Weather:

Anytime the University closes or cancels classes due to inclement weather, the Tutoring Resource Center will also close and all tutoring sessions scheduled during that time will be cancelled. Students will be notified via email of any appointments cancelled due to a closure and are not expected to attend nor will they be subject to the No-Show policy.

If an announcement of a campus weather-related closure occurs during a tutoring session, the TRC tutor will respectfully end the appointment. Students will be encouraged to reschedule another session when the University reopens.

The Center may also close early at the Coordinator’s discretion if travel becomes is hazardous for staff and students. In this case, tutees who have scheduled a session that day will be called/contacted about such cancellation.

University Holidays & Breaks:

The TRC also follows all University breaks and holidays. The TRC will be closed at these times. Breaks and holidays will be noted directly on the weekly schedule (MyWCOnline) as early as the beginning of the semester and a brief message will be posted at the top of schedule the week of the closing as an announcement/reminder for students. These days/weeks will be “grayed out” and no tutoring times will be available for students to schedule appointments.

Example of TRC Announcement:
“The Tutoring Resource Center will be closed for Spring Break (Friday March 8th to Sunday March 17th). We will reopen on Monday, March 18th with regularly scheduled availability. See you soon!” 


  • No video-chatting or online make-up tutoring sessions are permitted;
  • No tutoring can occur beyond campus grounds or in private areas i.e. dormitories;
    Sessions typically take place in the Center (located on the 2nd floor of the Haas Library) or in a campus building (Westside or Midtown). 
  • If a weather-related closure occurs during one of your weekly scheduled sessions and you are on academic probation or mandated by coach/program to have these, please email the Tutoring Resource Coordinator- Lauren Eddy (eddyl@wcsu.edu).

Students are encouraged to sign up for the University’s Emergency Notification System (ENS) to stay informed of closings, alerts, and emergency announcements.

Delays and closings will also be posted on the university’s Facebook and Twitter feeds, and some area television and radio stations.

For notifications of weather related closings, check here: Emergency/Weather Alerts