Place Where He Provides



President: Chrisner Menard

Advisor: Sheryl Scott - UH 106

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Meeting Times: Mondays 8:15pm Gospel Choir/ Tuesday Worship 8:30pm- Alumni Hall

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     Place Where He Provides Ministry is an organization that aims to cultivate spiritual life; just as one's intellectual life is cultivated in college. We invite students into a positive, loving relationship with God! We believe that Jesus Christ is the source of all things. We believe that life is unfulfilling without purpose. We’re a place that welcomes, care for, listen to, laugh with, and loves every student we meet, in the example we have been given by Jesus Christ! Furthermore, we’re a place where you will be challenged in your faith, to give more, love more, and be more. Our Motto, “Providing Fresh Food for The Soul.” Our vision is to see students find faith, hope, and love which produces patience for challenges: self control for temptation; healing for heartbreaks and liberty for captives



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