Gaming Club



President: Chris Neveu

Advisor: Oscar DeLosSantos - BR-205

Email Address:

Meeting Times: Thursday 6:00pm in Warner

Website Address:


     The Western Connecticut State University Gaming Club fosters the appreciation and practice of the genres of fantasy, science fiction, and the animated arts. The Gaming Club holds regular meetings throughout the week in one of three committees. The Anime Committee meets once a week and centers on the animated arts and the discussion of anime plots, characteristics, and techniques in the execution of said animating arts. The Gaming Committee focuses on a wide array of role-playing, tabletop, and board games and has many subgroups that meet most of the week. The Committee on Creative Anachronism focuses on the perspective of life in different times that are not our own so that we may widen our perception of life, and it includes trips to Renaissance fairs and anime conventions. The Gaming Club is open to all WCSU students, especially those who hold interest in games, anime, and all else that the Gaming Club represents.



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