State Vehicle Policy and Procedure

  • Reservations
  • Vehicle Sign-Out
  • Vehicle Return
  • Out of State Travel
  • Student Activity Vehicle Use
  • Emergency Contact Number
  • Emergency Breakdowns
  • Department of Administrative Services Motor Vehicle Policy
  • Facilities
  • Reservations:

    In order to reserve a state vehicle you must call the Community Services Unit at 837-9319.  Public Safety personnel will complete and authorize the State Vehicle Sign-Out form. Confirmation of the reservation will be sent via phone and/or e-mail message. Confirmation secures the use of the car for the person identified in the driver space of the Vehicle Sign-Out (pdf) form only.

    Vehicle Sign-out:

    Keys to the state vehicles are available for pick-up from the University Police Department, located on Roberts Avenue. A valid driver's license must be presented in order to be issued keys. The state vehicles can be picked up outside of the University Police Department in the reserved parking spaces along the side of the building, adjacent to Newbury Hall.

    A clipboard and the vehicle's keys will be issued, along with the appropriate gas cards, mileage sheets, and policy booklet. Exact mileage must be recorded on the state mileage form attached to the clipboard.

    Vehicle Return:

    Vehicles should be returned to the reserved parking spaces outside of the University police Department, and the keys, clipboard, gas cards, gas receipts, mileage sheets and policy booklet must be returned to the University Police Department Communications Center. DO NOT LEAVE THESE ITEMS IN THE VEHICLE.

    All vehicles must be returned with adequate gas for the next operator, at least one-half of a tank. Vehicles must be clean and all garbage and personal items must be removed upon return of the vehicle to the University Police Department. If a vehicle is returned in poor condition, the university reserves the right to revoke privileges from the last individual to return the vehicle. Should a vehicle be dirty or have insufficient gas levels upon receipt, please report the condition of the vehicle to the University Police Department immediately.

    Any additional problems or concerns with the operation or condition of the vehicle should he reported to the Community Services Unit at 837-9319.

    Out of State Travel:

    If you are planning to travel out of state with a state vehicle, a Travel Authorization Form must be completed and signed by the Director of Institutional Services. Travel Authorization Forms are available from the office of Institutional Services located ground floor of University Hall, or by contacting Kim Spinelli at 837-8505. A copy of the form must be submitted to the Department of Public Safety/Community Services Unit before a vehicle will be issued.

    Student Activity Vehicle Use:

    Any vehicle signed out for a student group trip must fill out the appropriate paperwork from the Student Center/Student Life Office. Copies of the paperwork, signed by the Director of the Student Center/Student Life Office, must be submitted to the Department of Public Safety/Community Services Unit before a vehicle will be issued.

    Emergency Contact Number:

    In the event of an emergency please contact the University Police Department at 837-9300. Procedures for emergency breakdowns can be found in the following State of Connecticut, Department of Administration Fleet Operations documentation (next page).

    Emergency Breakdowns

    Emergency Breakdowns During Normal Work Hours:

    If an emergency repair is necessary during normal work hours, the driver should call the most convenient Fleet facility for instructions or emergency wrecker service. If the emergency occurs outside the State of Connecticut, the employee may, at his/her discretion, arrange for repairs up to $15.00 (see section on payments and reimbursements).

    Emergency Breakdowns After Hours:

    1. In State: The driver is authorized to arrange for emergency repairs or service at a private garage, if the amount is $35.00 or less (see section on reimbursements). If the repair cost is over $35.00, the driver should ensure that the vehicle is in a safe location and notify one of our garages of the problem and the location the following work day.
    2. Out of State: If a vehicle breaks down after hours while on an out-of-state trip, the agency head or his/her designee (i.e. business manager, division head, director) may authorize a vehicle repair up to $200.00. Agencies must give each driver who travels out-of-state an emergency telephone number for placement in the State vehicle.

    Payment and Reimbursement:

    Payment for emergency repairs may be made in any of the following ways:

    1. Charge to Fleet Operations: If the vendor will honor a charge to Central car Pool, 190 Huyshope Avenue, Hartford, CT 06106, he/she may contact the nearest car pool garage the next working day for a purchase order number and instructions. If the driver delivers the bill to one of our garages within two (2) working days, we will make direct contact with the vendor.
    2. Cash: If the driver pays cash, our office will reimburse the driver up to $35.00 directly. Reimbursement for petty cash will be paid upon presentation of a vendor's bill imprinted with business letterhead. The bill must include the vehicle registration number and must include Connecticut Sales Tax. Immediate payment will be made if the bill is delivered to 190 Huyshope Avenue, Hartford. Reimbursements by other garages will take up to two (2) weeks.
    3. Agency Commercial Gasoline Credit Card: Agencies may send us a service transfer invoice for reimbursement.
    4. Employee's Personal Credit Card: Same procedure as cash.

    If the bill is over $35.00 (applies only to cut-of-state trips), Fleet Operations will not reimburse the driver directly. The agency should reimburse the driver and forward a service transfer invoice to Fleet Operations.

    Please note that Fleet Operations is not responsible for towing vehicles stuck in snow or mud, or which have run out of gasoline. If we find that a wrecker has been dispatched by our office for this purpose, the cost will be service transferred to your agency.

    Department of Administrative Services Motor Vehicle Policy

    (complete copies can be obtained from the Department of Public Safety)

    Vehicles may not be driven by anyone other than an employee of the State or a volunteer worker approved by the agency head. Individuals contractually employed by the state may not drive state vehicles unless permission is first obtained from the director of Fleet Operations and or Associate V.P. of Public Safety. 

    Driver Responsibility

    Drivers are expected to:

    • Be knowledgeable of, and compliant with, all of the policies and procedures outlined in this policy.
    • Drive courteously and obey all motor vehicle laws
    • Ensure that vehicles are serviced at proper intervals and that the Office of Fleet Operations is notified of needed repairs
    • Ensure that fluid levels are checked and replaced when low (engine oil, transmission fluid, radiator coolant and window washer fluid)
    • Ensure that vehicles are brought in for emissions tests before the expiration date on the window sticker
    • Promptly pay parking fines and other liability charges incurred while operation, the motor vehicle

    Drivers are permitted to use state vehicles only to conduct official state business:

    • Personal use for social, recreational, religious, educational or any other such purpose, whether on duty or off, is not permitted
    • Transportation of passengers, including state employees, is not permitted, unless this transportation is necessary to perform official state business.

    Parking of State-Owned Vehicles

    In general, all state vehicles will be parked at state-owned or leased facilities.

    Vehicles shall not be parked overnight on any street, highway, or commuter parking lot except under emergency conditions.

    Agency heads may approve the garaging of a vehicle at the home of an employee for no more than five (5) days in a month when it is deemed to be in the best interests of the State.

    Overnight parking, of a state vehicle at an employee's home, which is outside the borders of Connecticut, must be on an approved out of state travel authorization. Authorization to park at home may be removed at any time if determined to he in the best interest of the State, subject to collective bargaining requirements.

    All state-owned motor vehicles shall be identified in a manner prescribed by the Director of Fleet Operations. No equipment, decoration or advertisement shall be affixed to a state vehicle without prior approval from the State Fleet Operations.


    Agency heads and drivers are responsible for:

    • Ensuring compliance with all state accident procedures issued by wither the State Comptroller or the Director of Fleet Operations
    • Submitting Accident Reports (MVCU-1) within 48 hours
    • Submittincy reports for any incident which results in bodily injury or damage to property owned by the State, or by others, no matter how slight


    All complaints concerning state vehicles, drivers and passengers, regardless of the source, shall be immediately investigated by the agency head. The results of the investigation shall be reported promptly in writing to the Director of Fleet Operations. The report shall contain:

    • Name, address, and telephone number of complainant, if known
    • Summary of the complaint
    • Investigation findings
    • Remedial action taken, if warranted
    • Name, address, and operator's license number of driver.


    State vehicle drivers must obtain fuel and replacement oil at state-owned stations located throughout the State. In an emergency, or when vehicles are operating, outside of normal work hours, out of state, or on weekends, sufficient gasoline and/or oil, may be purchased from a commercial station. Agency heads will be required to submit any reports required by the Director of Fleet Operations concerning gasoline and oil purchases.

    Monthly Usage Reports (State van only)

    Monthly Usage Reports (CCP-40) for state-owned vehicles are to be completed in every detail as specified. These reports shall be forwarded to the Director of Fleet Operations by the 15' of the following month, and shall be:

    • Certified by the operator as true and correct.
    • Certified by the agency head as travel essential to that agency's official state business Lack of submittal of two or more Monthly Usage Reports (CCP-40) may result in the immediate recall of the vehicle by the Director of Fleet Operations.

    Fines and Charges

    Parking fines or other violation charges are the personal liability of the motor vehicle operator and are to be paid within the specified time frame indicated.


    The following sanctions shall be in effect:

    • Violation of any specific policy governing the use of a state-owned motor vehicle may result in the immediate recall of the vehicle by the Director of Fleet Operations.
    • Continued violation of policy by an agency may result in suspension of all motor pool privileges.
    • The agency head should take appropriate disciplinary action in the case of a violation of these policies, or for the unsafe operating practices of a motor vehicle. A full report of this action shall be forwarded to the attention of the Director of Fleet Operations.
    • The willful neglect or misuse of any state-owned vehicle is cause for disciplinary action under the provisions of state statutes or applicable collective bargaining, contracts, and such misuse or false statements about the use of said vehicles may subject the employee to civil action. (See Connecticut General Statutes 4-165 and regulations of Connecticut State Agencies 5-240- 1 a (c) 7).
    • If an employee or driver is involved in an accident as a result of his/her own willful or wanton misconduct while in the operation of a state-owned motor vehicle, the agency head may assess that responsible party for property damage to state property.
    • An agency will be charged the daily rental rate for any vehicle not picked up within three days after servicing has been completed and they have been notified.


    Hartford Garage
    190 Huyshope Avenue
    Hartford, CT 06106
    (860) 566-2720/2721

    Norwich Garage
    171 Salem Turnpike
    Norwich, CT 06360
    (860) 823-3208/3209

    Wethersfield Garage
    60 (R) State Street
    Wethersfield, CT 06109
    (860) 566-7826/7677

    Daily Rental Operation
    Legislative Office Building
    Lower Level Parking Garage
    300 Capitol Avenue
    Hartford, CT 06106
    (860) 566-4701/5213
    New Haven Garage
    140 Pond Lily Avenue
    New Haven, CT 06515
    (203) 397-4590

    Buckingham Street Gas Station
    309 Buckingham Street
    Hartford, CT 06106
    (860) 566-7118

    Fleet Administration
    190 Huyshope Avenue
    Hartford, CT 06106
    (860) 566-5940/5941

    ALL GARAGE HOURS - 8:00 A.M. TO 12:00 P.M. AND 1:00 P.M. TO 4:00 P.M.

    * NORWICH GAS STATION HOURS - 8:00 A.M. TO 11:50 A.M. AND 1:00 P.M. TO 3:30 P.M.

    * SEYMOUR GAS STATION HOURS - 8:00 A.M. TO 11:50 A.M. AND 1:00 P.M. TO 3:45 P.M.


    The Vehicle Sign Out Form is presented here in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, please download and install it from Adobe's web site.


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