Macricostas School of Arts & Sciences

Philosophy and Humanistic Studies Department

Minor in Philosophy

A minor in philosophy requires 18 PHI credits, including at least 9 credits at the 200-level or above, at least one course in logic, at least one course in the history of philosophy, and at least one course in ethics. Courses in logic, history of philosophy and ethics must be chosen from the list below; all current PHI courses can be applied toward the remaining 9 elective credits. (New courses may be added to those listed below so please contact the Department for an up to date list.)

Current Logic Courses:

PHI 209 Informal Logic

PHI 211 Formal Logic


Current History of Philosophy Courses:

PHI 231 Ancient Philosophy

PHI 232 Medieval Philosophy

PHI 233 Modern Philosophy

PHI 234 19th and 20th Century Philosophy


Current Ethics Courses:

PHI 120 Introduction to Ethical Theory

PHI 221 Ethical Issues in Business

PHI 223 Ethical Issues in Health Care

PHI 225 Ethics and the Nonhuman

PHI 227 Ethics in Computing

PHI 229 Philosophy of Law & Legal Theory

PHI 245 Philosophy of Death and Dying

PHI 262 Philosophies of Love & Friendship

PHI 265 Philosophy of Happiness

PHI 320 Social and Political Philosophy

PHI 334 Existentialism