Macricostas School of Arts & Sciences

Philosophy and Humanistic Studies Department

Minor in Theoretical and Applied Ethics

A minor in theoretical and applied ethics requires 18 credits, including PHI 120 Introduction to Ethical Theory, and 5 more classes from the following list. (New courses may be added to those listed below so please contact the Department for an up to date list.)

Anthropology Courses

ANT/SOC 206 Culture and Law

ANT/COM 208 Intercultural Communication

Communication Courses

COM 219 Communication Ethics

COM 247 Live News & Election Coverage

Humanistic Studies Courses

HUM 110 Moral Issues in Modern Society

Justice and Law Administration Courses (only 2 JLA courses can apply toward the minor)

JLA/SOC 201 Criminology

JLA/SOC 205—Juvenile Delinquency

JLA/SOC 336—White Collar Crime

JLA 408 Human Rights

Philosophy Courses

PHI 221 Ethical Issues in Business

PHI 223 Ethical Issues in Health Care

PHI 225 Ethics and Animals

PHI 227 Ethics in Computing

Political Science Courses

PS 201 Political Theory

PS 401 Global Conflict Resolution

PS 402 Violent and Nonviolent Conflict Resolution

Psychology Courses

PSY 309 Social Psychology and the Law

PSY 346 Moral Development

Social Sciences Courses

SS 401 Fundamentals of Conflict Resolution

SS 402 Mediation: Theory and Practice