Macricostas School of Arts & Sciences

Philosophy and Humanistic Studies Department

Anna Malavisi

Assistant Professor

White Hall 021-B
(203) 837-3271

Anna Malavisi has a PhD in philosophy from Michigan State University. Her dissertation, Global development and its discontents: rethinking the theory and practice is a critical analysis of global development from an ethical and feminist epistemology perspective. Her philosophical interests include: practical and global ethics, feminist philosophy/epistemology, social and political thought, environmental philosophy and the philosophy of violence. She has a Master of Health and International Development and has worked for 16 years in Latin America in the NGO sector in areas of development practice and management.

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Classes   2018-19


HUM 151 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies

HUM 198 FY for the Humanities

PHI 225 Ethic and Animals


HUM 223 Ethical Issues in Health Care

PHI 320 Social and Political Philosophy

HUM 451 Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies

Classes 2017-2018


HUM 151 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies

HUM 222 Sustainability: Ecology, Economics, Ethics

PHI 260 Philosophy of Women & Gender


HUM 151 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies

PHI 226 Environmental Philosophy

PHI 398 History of Women Philosophers