Pre-collegiate and Access Programs : EA²P Program

EA²P Program Services

All EA²P students will be provided with the following year-round services including access to the following centers offered by WCSU:

  • The Pre-Collegiate & Access Programs Student Success Center is located in the Lower level of Berkshire Hall, room 019.  Dedicated Tutoring by WCSU professors and honor students will be available from:

                FALL SEMESTER Hours:   (effective November 6,  2017 to December 17th, 2017)

                                  Monday:  8:00am to 9:00pm

                                 Tuesday:  8:00am to 5:20pm

                           Wednesday:   8:00am to 5:20pm

                               Thursday:   8:00am to 4:00pm

                                    Friday:   8:00am to 4:00pm

                               Saturday:   CLOSED

                                 Sunday:   CLOSED

Tutoring will be provided to all EA²P  students throughout the academic year.  Please contact our office directly at 203-837-8801 to schedule an appointment for tutoring.

  • The Writing Center at the Haas Library is run by the English Department and provides students with professional help with their grammar, development style and organization.  (


  • The Math Clinic is run by the Math Department.  Tutors provide one on one tutoring and will help students study for tests and solve homework problems.  There is a collection of tutorials for individual student use. (


  • The Tutoring Resource Center is run by the Psychology Department and assists students with reading, outlining, note-taking, time management, studying, test taking and research.  (


  • Individual and Group Counseling Sessions are offered at the WCSU Counseling Center.  The center provides free, confidential services to the university community.  The Counseling Center provides services to help students develop their problem solving and decision making potential. ( )


  • AccessAbility Services focuses on the access of the university and the ability of each student.   AccessAbility coordinates and provides accommodations and support services to undergraduate and graduate students with documented disabilities at WCSU.  ( )


– Advisement/ counseling throughout first year of college

-Access to transitional workshops- For example:

  • Technology
  • Time Management/Study Success
  • Getting Involved on Campus
  • Financial Aid 101
  • Registration