Helpful Hints for Incoming Students

This page is designed to help all students but especially Freshmen who are new to the university system and transfer students who are new to WCSU and/or the Danbury area, to get acclimated to life at WCSU.  Just look around the site and make use of the information made available to you here.  If you can’t find what you are looking for, don’t be afraid to ask.

First Things First

If you are new to the Danbury area, as many of you will be, check out this schematic map of Danbury and the various restaurants and businesses you’ll find in each area of the city.  Notice the curved flow of I-84 through the center of the city and the various exits and larger street names to help orient you.

If you are an incoming Freshman, wondering what the difference is between high school and college and what you should or should not do in the classroom and out, check out this web site which contains very helpful hints for students from a professor’s perspective.

How To Get Involved

There are many things for you to do at WCSU besides go to classes and study.  As a matter of fact, we recommend that you get involved.  If you are not a member of the Athletics Teams, become a member of a recreation or clubs sport team to keep you physically fit.  If you don’t like to run around yourself, become an active supporter, a SuperFan, and attend WCSU Games.  Join a student organization to make friends and to get involved on campus and in the community.  These kinds of activities always look good on your resume – and they are fun in the process.  WCSU offers many other events that are worth attending: concerts and recitals, theater productions, musicals, and opera to name just a few.  Check out the events calendar on the main web site, look for announcements in WestConnduit, or refer to one of our weekly flyers to keep you up to date.  Commuter students should also get involved.

Colonial Athletics

Commuter Student Webpage – this page is currently being updated; please check back later

Recreation, Intramurals, and Club Sports

Student Clubs and Organizations

Weekend Activities

Western Events Calendar

And remember: you can always attend events open to the public even if you have not been accepted yet or gone to orientation.  Theatre Plays, Opera Performances, Sporting Events, Lectures, and even many student organization events are open to the public and can be attended by anyone.  Just look for the announcements in the Events calendar on the homepage and start getting involved and connected to WCSU NOW.

Other Services Available

There are a number of services available for students on campus.  We recommend that you familiarize yourself with Western’s main web page.  Use the SEARCH to look for anything you want to know.  It’s all there, you just have to find it.  Here are some of the main links you should be aware of:

Ancell Commons

The Ancell Commons, located within the Robert S. Young Library, offers FREE tutoring, tutor-led study groups, Ancell Mentor events, online resources, and the only place you can reserve a small meeting room for your group on the Westside campus.  New for Fall 2018: TransferMation, our new transfer student program designed to provide Ancell transfer students a great start at WCSU, with the information and connections they need.

Campus Life
See many links related to Campus Life in one view.

Cashier’s Office
Find information regarding your bill, insurance waivers, and payment plans.

Financial Aid and Student Employment
All the information regarding Financial Aid as well as jobs on campus can be found at this web site.

Housing and Residence Life
There may still be time to sign up for Housing.  Check out the website and find out what it means to be living on campus.  Look at the FAQs for any questions you may have.

Students are not required to have a parking decal. They can park in areas that are not designated for visitors or faculty and staff.

Registrar’s Office
Find information regarding registration and other information regarding your classes.

Sodexo Dining Services
Find out about meal plans and opening hours for our many dining facilities.

Student Affairs
Contains links to various Student Affairs departments as well as the Midtown Coffeehouse, the “What’s On?” flyers, the Student Leadership Recognition Banquet, information for commuter students, etc.

Tutoring Resource Center
Stop by this center for FREE tutoring help in any subject, the Math clinic, and the Writing Center.  This is the place for students who want to be successful and aren’t too proud to ask for help.

WestConnect Office
This is the office where you receive your ID Card and security PIN once you are registered.  You can also get information on meal plans, Connect Cash and the Student Advantage program.