International Students


Taxes are very complicated in the United States.  There are many different types of taxes and varying forms that may need to be filed.  However, all students are required under US tax law to file a tax return.  The deadline each year is April 15th.   This is the date that your tax documents must be postmarked by. If you owe any taxes to the US government, they are due on this day also. If you don’t owe any taxes or are to receive a refund, the tax documents also must be postmarked by this day.

Because the tax law is very complex, the ISO is not able to advise on it.  ISO’s position is that you are responsible for filing income taxes (both federal taxes and state taxes – and if you don’t live in Connecticut, you probably need to file in the state that you also are residing in.)

There are resources to assist with taxes .  VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) may be able to assist you locally. To find a VITA representative near you, please call 800-829-1040. Unfortunately, this phone number goes into a long voice mail system and it is not the most user friendly.  The US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) also has a web page to assist international tax payers:,,id=133197,00.html

If you prefer to pay someone to help with your taxes, you can visit a tax office/accountant and pay to have your taxes filed. You will need to show year end statements from any source of income (bank interest, on campus employment, off campus employment, scholarships, assistantships, etc). You should have received any year end statements in the mail in late January or February. You will want to ask if the service provider has experience with “non-resident alien taxes” and “1040NR”which is often one of the forms that needs to be completed.  You may have to complete different forms if you have been in the US for more than 5 years or if your home country has a tax treaty with the United States.

I have located a tax advisor in Southbury, CT who may be of assistance to you.  You may contact Mr.  Bhodari at H&R Block (a tax filing service) at 203-264-6922 to schedule an appointment with him.  Please note that you should schedule 2 hours for your meeting. (Please note that this is not a recommendation of his services, but rather a possible resource for you to consider using.)

If you’d like to read an overview of how complicated the US tax laws are, feel free to visit the University of Cincinnati’s website for international students at:

This resource does list several tax forms, but again, please note that the ISO cannot be responsible for tax advising or responsible for the services or information online.  Our best advice is to research professional services and pay to have your taxes done.