Human Resources : Employment Policies and Procedures

Procedures for Part-Time AAUP Member Appointment


The University uses part-time employees to supplement the permanent full-time workforce.  This general classification of employees has historically been referred to as either “lecturers,” “adjunct faculty,” and part-time members.”  For the purposes of these procedures, the terms “lecturer,”  “adjunct faculty,” and “part-time members” can be used interchangeably.   The CSU-AAUP bargaining agreement established the terms and conditions of appointments for part-time members and defines them according to the following categories:

  • Part-time Teaching Members or Part-time Teaching Faculty – Those part-time employees of Connecticut State University whose function consists primarily of (but shall not be limited to) teaching, research or other scholarly activity.
  • Part-time Counselors or Part-time Counseling Faculty – Those part-time employees of Connecticut State University whose function consists primarily of (but shall not be limited to) service as counselors.
  • Part-time Librarians or Part-time Library Faculty – Those part-time employees of Connecticut State University whose function consists primarily of (but shall not be limited to) service as librarians.
  • Part-time Coaches and Non-instructional Athletic Trainers – Those part-time employees of Connecticut State University whose function consists primarily of service as coaches or non-instructional athletic trainers.

Additionally, full-time faculty members may also work during the summer session and intersession.  The following procedures describe the process that should be used by the department when recommending the appointment of a part-time member or a full-time member during the summer session or intersession.

Work Limitations for Part-Time AAUP Members:

Part-time AAUP members are limited in the work assignments accordingly:

  • Part–Time Teaching Faculty are limited to their instructional assignments dependent on the semester of their assignment.
  1. Fall or Spring Semester Limitations – no more than two (2) courses for a total of eight (8) or fewer load credits.
  2. Intersession Limitation – no more than four (4) load credits.
  3. Summer Sessions of five (5) to eight (8) weeks Limitation – no more than eight (8) load credits may be assigned.
  4. Summer Sessions of four weeks or less Limitation – no more than four (4) load credits may be assigned.
  5. All Summer Sessions Limitation – In no event shall the total load assignments in a given summer exceed sixteen (16) load credits or eighteen (18) load credits where the load assignment includes laboratory or studio courses.
  • Part-time Counselors – Employed for less than twenty (20) hours a week.
  • Part-time Librarians – Employed for less than twenty (20) hours a week.
  • Part-time Coaches and Non-instructional Athletic Trainers – Employed for no more than eight (8) or fewer load credits in a four (4) month period, or an additional two (2) load credits per month not to exceed twelve (12) load credits in a six (6) month period.

Pay Rates for Part-Time AAUP Members:

Appendix A contains the pay rates for part-time members.

Procedure for Appointment of a Part-Time AAUP Member:

  1. The initiating department should complete either the “Recommendation for Part-Time Teaching Appointment” (Appendix B.1) or the “Recommendation for Part-Time Counselor, or Librarian Appointment” form (Appendix B.2) or the “Recommendation for Part-Time Athletic Coaches or Trainers” Form (B.3)  The form should include demographic information regarding the proposed part-time member, the instructional assignment or a description of the duties, the proposed appointment term (semester or period of employment) and pay rate information. 

New Appointments – Please advise new appointments (first time hires) that as a part of the University’s employment procedures that the University conducts a pre-employment background verification check.  In addition, all new hires  must come to the Human Resources Department prior to beginning employment to complete an employment application (a resume and official transcript must be submitted by the candidate), I-9 Form (Employment Eligibility Verification), W-4 forms (federal and CT), and Election to Participate in Retirement Plan.  The new hire will also receive their WestConnect Authorization (authorization for copy card, parking permit, and electronic key access).

  1. Part-time pay rates should be in accordance with the rates stated in Appendix A.
  2. The appropriate appointment recommendation form must be signed by the initiating Chairperson/Department Head and the appropriate Academic Dean or VP.
  3. The approved appointment recommendation form should be forwarded to the Human Resources Department.
  4. The Human Resources Department will verify the following information prior to issuing an employment contract:
  1. Available Funding – Verify with the Fiscal Affairs Office the availability of funding and obtain the appropriate funding codes.
  2. Part-Time Member Pay Rate Category – Based upon the recommended candidates education and CSU work experience, the Human Resources Department shall verify that the proper pay rate category has been designated.
  3. Work Limitation – Verify that the individual proposed for employment will work the limitations stated above.
  4. Verify the Course Is Still Scheduled to Run – HR will check with the Registrar’s Office (Open – Close Listing) that the course is still scheduled to be run.
  5. Other – Other issues that may arise to ensure that appointments are being made on a fair and consistent basis.
  1. Upon verification that the proposed appointment meets established guidelines, the Human Resources Department shall issue an appointment letter to the candidate indicating an offer of employment.  A copy of the appointment letter shall be sent to the hiring department.  Please remember, employees may not begin employment until after they have returned a signed appointment letter indicating their acceptance of the employment offer and completed the I-9 form.
  2. Upon receipt of the signed appointment letter, the Human Resources Department will contact any new employee to schedule a benefits sign-up meeting to obtain the required forms and review eligibility for benefits with the employee.

Cancellation of Class, Resignation, or other Early Termination of Employment:

Course Cancellation – Decisions on the cancellation of courses for the Fall and Spring semesters should typically be made no later than three weeks prior to the first day of scheduled classes.  The Academic Dean, after consultation with the Department Chairperson, shall make decisions regarding course cancellations.  It is the responsibility of the academic dean to notify the following departments of a course cancellation:

  • Academic Department Chairperson
  • Registrar’s Office
  • Human Resources (Ms. Sarah Davin)

Upon notification of a course cancellation, Human Resources will send the individual originally appointed to staff the course notice that their services will not be required.  The Registrar’ Office will remove the class from the course schedule (Open – Close listing). The Academic Department Chairperson shall assist students with transferring into other course sections and/or advising them on other course options.

If a course taught by a part-time member is cancelled with less than seven (7) business days notice, Human Resources shall notify the member of the course cancellation and University’s obligation to pay the part-time member a $300 cancellation fee.  The cancellation fee shall be charged against the academic department’s operating budget.

Resignation or Early Termination of Contract – Should a part-time member’s employment terminate prior to the end of the assignment, the department chair or director should provide the Human Resources Department with; 1) Employee’s Name; 2) Assignment that is being terminated; and 3) Effective date of termination of the employment relationship.

Pay Schedule:

The CSU-AAUP collective bargaining agreement states the following pertaining to the pay schedule for part-time members:

Article 12. 8.2 – Part-time members shall be paid biweekly normally not more than seven (7) pay periods. The first payment shall be no later than the sixth (6th) week of the semester.  The final payment may be held until all obligations are completed.

Article 11.2.1 – Summer Session salaries shall be paid biweekly with the final payment not later than five (5) working days after the session ends.

The University makes every effort to comply with the pay schedule procedures outlined in the collective bargaining agreement.  However, in order to comply with those procedures, the Human Resources Department must have an appropriately executed appointment letter (signed by the employee) and any new employee must come to the Human Resource Department to complete the necessary paperwork to be placed on the payroll (I-9, W-4, Retirement form, etc.).  As soon as the Human Resource Department has received all the necessary paperwork, we will initiate the actions to pay part-time members in the next available payroll.

Appendix C contains the Part-Time Member Payroll Calendar indicating each biweekly payroll period, the date that Human Resources must receive information in order to process it into that pay period’s payroll, and the check date.


We hope that you find these procedures helpful.  Should you have any questions or encounter a unique situation, please feel free to contact Sarah Davin in the Human Resource Department for assistance – 203-837-8661.