Human Resources

Human Resources – Forms

Frequently Used Forms

AAUP – Article 10.6.2 Administrative Assignment Payment Form – REVISED 11-12-18

AAUP – Adjunct Non-Instructional Assignment Payment Form – REVISED 11-12-18

AAUP – Faculty Consulting & Research with Public or Private Entities Compliance Form

AAUP – Faculty Request for Approval to Accept External Teaching Employment During the Fall or Spring Semester

Candidate Reimbursement Form

Change of Name/Address/Emergency Contact Form – All Employees – Fillable PDF Form

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Disbursement Form for Searches

Disclosure of Home Address & Emergency Contact Form

Dual Employment Form

Employee Request for Compensation For Activities Form NEW 12-2018

Emergency Room Copayment Waiver Request NEW 01-2018

Food Service Request Form

Overtime Form for FLSA Staff (non-SUOAF employees)

Overtime Form for FLSA SUOAF Employees

Position Action Form (PAF) – Contact HR for this form

Position Reclassification Request Form

Semester Employee Recognition Award Nomination Form

Tax Form: CT State W4-2019

Tax Form: Federal W4-2019

Tuition Reimbursement Form (A&R, Maintenance & Clerical Staff)

Tuition Waiver Form – Clerical Staff

Tuition Waiver Form – Management/Confidential, SUOAF & AAUP Staff

Tuition Waiver – MFA-Writing Courses Guidelines

Tuition Waiver – Graduate Courses – Job-Related Questionnaire (Mgmt/Conf, SUOAF, AAUP) – REVISED 12-10-2018

University Property Checklist Form

Welcoming New Staff Checklist

Work Schedule Form

Retirement Forms

Full Time Employees:

Change of Name/Address/Emergency Contact Form – All Employees

Part Time Adjuncts:

Change of Name/Address/Emergency Contact Form – All Employees

Evaluation Forms

Evaluation Form for A&R Staff

Evaluation Form for Clerical Staff

Evaluation Form for Maintenance Staff

Evaluation Form for Police Staff

Evaluation Form for Administrative Faculty (SUOAF) Staff

Evaluation Form for Confidential Unclassified Staff

Evaluation Form for AAUP Teaching Faculty

Evaluation Form for AAUP Counselors

Evaluation Form for AAUP Librarians

Evaluation Form for AAUP Athletic Coaches

Evaluation Form for AAUP Athletic Trainers

Leave Related Forms

FMLA – General Letter – Statewide Policy

FMLA – Medical Certificate – P33a

FMLA – Employee Request – HR1

FMLA – Notice of Eligibility, Rights & Responsibilities – HR2a

FMLA – Designation Notice – HR2b

FMLA – Core-CT Coding – HR2c

FMLA – Intent to Return to Work – HR3

Sick Leave Bank Application  (SUOAF Staff)

Sick Leave Bank Application (Management/Confidential & AAUP Staff)

State of Connecticut Voluntary Schedule Reduction Program Agreement Form

Student Employee & University Assistants – Medical Certificate – P33a

Employment Forms

Background Check Consent Form

Background Check SSA Consent Form – For Graduate Assistant & Student Employees Only

Criminal Convictions Form – Addendum to Application of Employment

Employment Application – WCSU Employment Application

Employment Eligibility Verification – Form I-9

      I-9 Form – List of Acceptable Documents

IPEDS – Race/Ethnicity IPED Survey Form

Health Insurance Enrollment Form

Health Enhancement Program Enrollment Form (CO-1314)

New Hire Data Sheet for Graduate Assistants

New Hire Data Sheet for Student Employees

New Hire Data Sheet for Lecturers

New Hire Data Sheet for University Assistants

Position Action Form (formerly Personnel Requisition Form) – Contact HR for this form

Part-Time AAUP Adjunct/Lecturer Teaching Forms – Contact HR for these forms

Records Retention and Disposition Policy Acknowledgement of Receipt – Fillable PDF Form

Retirement – Designation of Retirement Plan Election – Higher Ed Form (CO-931h – rev. 9/17) – Fillable PDF Form

Retirement – Designation of Beneficiary – Form CO-999

Retiree Health Fund (CO-1300) Form  – Fillable PDF Form

Student Employee Appointment Authorization Form

Tax Form: CT State W4-2019 – NEW 12-31-2018

Tax Form: Federal W4-2019 – NEW 12-31-2018

University Assistant Recommendation for Hiring Form – You must have approval to hire before completing this form.

Voluntary Schedule Reduction Program – Request for Schedule Change Form – CT-HR-7c

Volunteer Athletic Coach Hiring Procedures & Request Form

Volunteer Hiring Procedures & Request Form