Faculty Handbook

Assessment Committee Bylaws

I. Purpose

To ensure that the University fully develops and implements an ongoing, systematic program for the assessment of student learning outcomes which includes but is not limited to setting educational and student development goals; gathering and interpreting information and evidence to demonstrate whether students are reaching such goals; and using for improvement of student learning.

II. Objectives, Responsibilities, And Powers

A.  To advise the University Senate and Provost/ Vice President for Academic Affairs on assessment matters;

B.  To facilitate assessment programs on an institutional, school, and program level;

C.  To coordinate assessment efforts with other standing committees of the University Senate (UPBC, Student Life, etc.)

D.  To recommend policy which will ensure compliance with state, regional, and federal assessment mandates or requirements;

E.  To promote and maintain current assessment activities at the University;

F.  To disseminate assessment information;

G.  To monitor the Institutional Assessment Plan;

H.  To foster principles of good practice for assessing student learning throughout the University community.

III. Membership (13)

Member Appointed/Elected
1 Provost/VP for Academic Affairs, or designee  
1 Academic Dean, or designee Appointed
1 Dean of Student Affairs, or designee  
1 University-wide Assessment Coordinator or Director of Institutional
Research & Assessment
Ex officio
1 Representative of General Education faculty Appointed by A&S Dean for 2-year term
5 Four (4) teaching faculty (one from each school and one
(1) librarian/counselor/coach)
Elected by teaching faculty for overlapping 2
year terms
1 Administrative faculty Appointed for 2-year term
2 Students with overlapping 2-year terms 1 appointed by SGA, 1 appointed by administration

Senate Approval:  Sept. 21, 1994 (R94-9-4)
Rev. Feb. 16, 2000
Admin. Approval:  March 14, 2000
Senate Approval:  Feb. 21, 2006 (R-07-02-03)
Admin. Approval:  May 4, 2007



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