Office of Diversity and Equity

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University’s Diversity Council

The Office of Diversity and Equity, in partnership with the Provost Office, will launch the first Diversity Council in December 2017.  The University’s Diversity Council will be compromised of representation from Management/Confidential staff, AAUP, Clerical, Police, Maintenance and Student representatives to utilize their experience and expertise to develop and support methods for advancing the presence of diversity and inclusion of underrepresented minority groups at the University.

The Diversity Council will function as ambassadors in developing initiatives to recruit and retain underrepresented minority groups at all levels of the University. Members will also identify partnership opportunities between WCSU and the business community for the purposes of: promoting mutual gain through activities like student/employee recruiting, mentoring, consulting arrangements, internship opportunities, and involving faculty members in practical business problems, solutions, arranging for guest speakers from industry, supporting University-wide outreach operations, and bringing students and employees into direct contact with business executives. The University’s Diversity Council assists the Office of Diversity and Equity on key trends, changes, and developments in business so that Western Connecticut State University can more readily integrate “real world” matters into curriculum and other activities.

Key Priorities for the University’s Diversity Council in 2017-18 will be to:

  1. CDO Presentation to University Cabinet and Senate on Council membership
  2. Dissemination of information for Council membership and interest
  3. Development of a mission and vision for the Diversity Council
  4. Development of Diversity Council Bylaws
  5. Examining key trends and challenges at the University with faculty diversity recruitment and retention efforts.

The members of the University Diversity Council are as follows:

  • Paul Steinmetz, Director, University and Community Relations
  • Ethan Balk, Assistant Professor, Health Promotion & Exercise Sciences
  • Truman Keys, Associate Professor, Communications and Media Arts
  • Lorraine Moya Sala, Assistant Professor, Social Work
  • Robert Pote, Director, Pre-Collegiate and Access Department
  • Michael Ercoli, Quality Craft Worker – Locksmith, WestConnect Card Office
  • Jesenia Minier-Delgado, Chief Diversity Officer (Ex-officio member)