Office of Diversity and Equity : Campus Response & Resource Team


Last updated: December 7, 2017

How Can I Help Stop Sexual Assault and Interpersonal Violence at Western?

Sexual Assault and Interpersonal Violence are complex and very real issue on college campuses today. In order to address this reality, all members of the campus community and relevant outside agencies must work together. Public safety is everyone’s responsibility. By increasing your own knowledge and acknowledging your ability to make a difference at WCSU, you can begin to reduce the risk. Consider the following ways you can work to stop sexual violence and interpersonal violence.

  • Speak up. Take a stand in situations that could escalate to sexual abuse/interpersonal violence.
  • Talk openly with your friends about these issues.
  • Encourage student leaders, coaches, professors, and others to provide information about sexual assault
    to students.
  • Use the resources listed in this brochure to inform yourself and help plan activities and programs for
    campus clubs and organizations.
  • Don’t be afraid to get involved.
  • Take care of yourself and your friends.
  • Participate in training session, “Not Anymore”
  • Participate in Operation Jungle Red