Commuter Students

Welcome Commuter Students!

Are you a commuter student and want to get involved?

Here are a few things you should do and need to be aware of in order to stay connected:

1.     If you are new to Western, attend the commuter orientation session and actively take part in everything else.  You are just as much a part of Western as the residential students.

2.     Attend Clubs Carnival.  Every semester the current clubs hold a clubs carnival very early in the semester to recruit new members.  Find out about them and sign up.

3.     Make sure you sign up for your Western e-mail account and check it regularly.  The Commuter Student Organization (CSO) will probably send their e-newsletter to that address (as will some of the faculty regarding your classes).

4.     Consider joining the CSO.  Just send an email to Daryle Dennis, the CSO advisor, at or call him at 203-837-8549.

5.     Check out what events are happening on campus and make it a point to attend.  Check the Events Calendar on the home page, go to Banner and check out the announcements in WestConnduit, or set pages such as the “Coffeehouse” website as your favorites.

6.     Find out what clubs are active on campus by going to and let them know you are interested in joining.  You can also check out the Recreation web page for information on club sports at  Stop by the Student Life/Student Activities office to ask questions or to start your own club.

7.     Look for flyers all around campus. Clubs are always using flyers to advertise their events, many of which are free and open to all students.  Also, the Student Affairs office regularly posts flyers with events for commuter students.

8.     Talk to other students.  Go to the commuter lounge and hang out, strike up conversations.  Western is full of commuter students so it shouldn’t be hard to find someone who feels just like you do.

9.     Ask questions.  Can’t find anything you are looking for?  Not sure what’s out there?  Check with the info desk or call the Student Affairs office at 203-837-9700.

10.   Most of all – make sure being a student at WestConn is the best experience it can be! We are here to help you!

It’s Official!

Your “new” WCSU Commuter Student Organization (CSO) was formally recognized by the Student Government Association on Monday, May 4, 2009.

The CSO will help us with our goal to better connect you with University programs, activities, faculty and administrative resources.

We welcome your feedback! It will help us better understand what programs and activities interest you and what your needs and concerns are.

Please feel free to contact the CSO Advisor, Daryle Dennis at (203) 837-8549 or by email: