Information Technology Committee (ITC) AY 2014-15 Roster

  • Thomas DeChiaro, Chief Information Officer
  • Dr. Richard Montague, MIS (Ancell School of Business Technology Chair & MIS Representative)
  • Dr. Stephen Wagener, Biology (Macricostas School of Arts and Sciences Technology Chair)
  • Dr. Kathleen Hinga, Social Work (School of Professional Studies Technology Chair)
  • Terry Wells, Art Department, (School of VPA Technology Chair)
  • Rona Gurkewitz, Computer Science (Computer Science Representative)
  • John DeRosa, Director of Information Systems, (ITI)
  • Rebecca Woodward, Director of Media Services (ITI)
  • Veronica Kenausis, Director, Library Services (Director of Library Services)
  • President, Student Government Association, Isaiah Thergood
  • Student Representative, desginated by the SGA, TBA