Campus Resources

Use the table below to see where you can get help on campus for specific issues:
TOPIC: People to Talk to: Places to Learn More: Services/Activities:
Alcohol Abuse CHOICES Office CHOICES Office or website, AA website​ AA Meetings, on campus groups​
STD’s/HIV Health Services, Women’s Center​ NIH or CDC websites free STD testing
Drug Dependence CHOICES Office​ CHOICES office, NA website AA/NA meetings, campus groups​
Relationship Violence Women’s Center​, Counseling Center Women’s Center Girl Talk, Locker Room groups​
Sexual Assault Women’s Center, CART​ Women’s Center, CART team CART, Girl Talk, Locker Room​
Eating Disorders Health Sercices, Counseling Center NEDA or ANAD websites​ ABA meetings, campus groups
LGBT/Sexual Orientation Counseling Center, GSA join GSA, on campus support groups
Discrimination & Racism Counseling Center, Title IX, Academic Advisor Discrimination & Racism Locker Room, Girl Talk
Family Problems Counseling Center Campus support groups