Cashier's Office

Financial Aid Refunds

At the start of the Fall and Spring semester, the Financial Aid Office may begin to disburse financial aid onto students accounts.  Any remaining credit balance after your student account has been paid in full will be refunded to you by the Cashier’s Office. Due to the large number of funds being disbursed, the Financial Aid Office requires 3 business days to complete the disbursement process and the Cashier’s Office requires 7 business days to complete the refund process and to issue a check.

To expedite your refund, please go online to set up your account for direct deposit. Please follow the instructions below to set up your account for direct deposit:

  • Go to and click on the “Secure Login” button;
  • Enter your WCSU Windows username and password and click on the “login” button;
  • Select the “CONNect Cash and EZpay” option under the Student Services Tab;
  • On the right hand side of the student view home page, find the “My Profile Setup” box and select “Electronic Refunds”; 
  • Select “Set up Account” and enter your checking account or savings account information.

Financial aid recipients please note: Financial aid has is based on the expectation that students will initiate enrollment for the fall or spring academic semester. Three weeks after the start of the semester, students actual enrollment will be captured and any necessary financial aid adjustments, based on your enrollment, will take place. Such necessary adjustments may result in a balance due.  

Please be advised that any changes in your enrollment status may affect your financial aid eligibility including:

  • Adding/Dropping a course(s)
  • Enrolling in less than 12 credit hours
  • Stop Attending or Never Attending course(s)
  • Officially withdrawing or being Administratively withdrawn
  • Academic Progress

Checks Issued in Error: In the event that the Bursar’s Office issues you a refund check or via direct deposit in error, the University reserves the right to reclaim such funds. Any changes to your financial aid award may result in a balance due to the university.

*Excludes Parent plus loans as those require additional processing time and refunds are not issued to students.