Writing Placement Testing Information


Writing Placement Procedures: based on new SAT only

  1. SAT Reading OR Writing score 600 or higher (32 New SAT Reading Test or higher) or ACT English score of 27 or higher = A Writing Intensive course.
  2. Both SAT Reading and Writing scores less than 600 with at least 440 on one of these tests (25-31 New SAT Reading Test; 18-26 ACT English) = WRT 101: Composition I, The Habit of Writing.
  3. Both SAT Reading and Writing scores of 430 or lower (24 and lower New SAT Critical Reading) or an ACT English score 17 or lower = Composition 101P.
  4. Students registering without SAT or ACT scores will take the Placement Essay Examination.

Writing Placement

Students will be asked to write a short essay in response to one of several prompts. You will have 50 minutes to complete the essay. If you are currently enrolled in WRT 098 or WRT 101 at WCSU, you are NOT eligible to take the writing placement test. Results take about 2 weeks and you must contact the Admissions Office, (203) 837-9000.