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User Accounts


Banner, or 'the Banner tab' located within WestConnduit, allows you to self-register for classes, query Financial Aid information, make payments, and more. [further overview]

E-Learning (Blackboard Learn)

Blackboard Learn allows students to access academic materials online in order to accomplish their instructional goals. With Blackboard, it is possible to provide the following online: Assessments, Assignments, Chat and Whiteboard, Discussions, Content Files, Media Libraries, Syllabus, Learning Modules, URLs, Course Calendar, Announcements, and Course Mail. [further overview]

WestConn Email

All students are encouraged to get a WestConn Email account for official WestConn business. Once your account has been created, you will have access to your email from any computer on or off–campus that has access to the Internet. You can obtain your WestConn Email account at any one of the staffed computer centers. [further overview]


WestConnduit is WestConn's campus portal.  WestConnduit allows you to see your grades, course schedules, academic history and financial aid information, and allows you to register for classes and make payments to the university.  It also provides access to Blackboard Learn, WestConn's online course management system, campus and personal announcements, the campus events calendar, and convenient links to other university resources. 

WestConn Windows Account

A WestConn Windows Account is necessary for students to access the University’s network from the computer centers, classrooms, labs, residence halls, and wireless network. Your can obtained a WestConn Windows Account at any time from any of the staffed computer center on either campus. [further overview]

Getting Connected

Computers on Campus

University Computing provides general computing facilities on both of WestConn's campuses at no charge to the members of the university community. 100% of WestConn's classrooms that are suited for it are equipped with instructional technology. [further overview]

Network Drives (File Shares)

Information Technology & Innovation offers network file storage for all current WestConn students, faculty, and staff to save their documents and data. When your WestConn Windows Account was created, your fileshare was automatically generated. [further overview]

Remote Access

Remote Access allows students, faculty, and staff to connect to authorized network drives. [further overview]


ResNet allows students in the residence halls to connect to the University’s local area network and the Internet via the Cisco Clean Access Agent. [further overview]

Wireless at WestConn

Many areas of both campuses are wireless hotspots for your laptop or other portable device: the Haas Library, Science Building, Student Center, Fairfield Hall, Litchfield Hall, Newbury Hall, Westside Campus Center, Centennial Hall, Pinney Hall, Grasso Hall and Westside Classroom Building. Check the list of hotspot locations often for updates. [further overview]

Hardware & Software

Information Security

The Information Security site provides information about security and tools that are needed to secure and guard your computer against known security threats. [further overview]


Students receive technology training at the Student Technology Training Center (STTC). The goal at the STTC is to inform students, faculty and staff about the fundamentals of computing at Western. Our focus is on the various workshops we offer, the individualized assistance we provide, and the facilities and software we have available. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a facility, which is staffed with students who have interests in the field of training and computers. [further overview]

Confused about Terms?

If you are confused with all of the technology terms that you have heard, please visit this helpful guide to IT Terminology at WestConn

Guide to WestConn IT Terminology

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