Getting Started with Information Technology: New Students




Upon enrollment at the university, the following items are automatically created for you. You will receive this information via USPS mail at your home address:

  • WestConn ID
    Your WestConn ID is a unique 8-digit number beginning with a "5" and is used by the university in place of your social security number.
  • WestConn Username
    Your WestConn Username is used as your identification for the many technology resources you will use during your academic experience. Your username is your last name followed by a 3-digit number.
  • WestConnduit Password
    Your WestConnduit Password is the same as your WestConn password (Windows password).
  • What if I haven't received this information yet?
    To receive this information, you can stop by one of our staffed computer centers, or call the IT Help Desk at (203) 837-8467.

WestConnduit (university portal)

  • To login to WestConnduit, use your WestConn username and password (Windows username and password).
  • Once you are logged in to WestConnduit, you can see your grades, course schedules, academic history and financial aid information, and register for classes and make payments to the university. You can also access Blackboard Learn, WestConn's online course management system, campus and personal announcements, the campus events calendar, and convenient links to other university resources.
  • Log in to WestConnduit at


Requirements for Using Computers on the Network


To use the university computers on campus:

  • You must have a WestConn Windows Account (username and password). With these credentials, you can use any university computer.
  • If you do not have a WestConn Windows Account, bring a valid WestConnect ID to a staffed computer center to receive one.
    The WestConnect Card is WestConn's identification card. To receive one, please vist the WestConnect Card Office.
  • To view the available computer centers on our campuses, please follow the link to our Computer Centers page.

To use the Residence Hall Network (ResNet) - both wired and wireless:

  • You must have a WestConn Windows Account. If your password has expired, you must change it at any computer on campus or visit the Windows Password Manager site.
  • You must download, install and complete the Clean Access validation process on your computer.
  • To learn more about the Residence Hall Network, please visit the ResNet site.

To use the WestConn Wireless Network and Wireless Printing:

  • You must have a WestConn Windows Account.
  • To learn more about the Wireless Network and wireless printing, please visit the wireless network site. WestConn is totally wireless, including Residence Halls.


WestConn Email (ConnectMail)

  • To get your WestConn Email Account (username and password), please visit a staffed computer center.
  • To access your ConnectMail, you may either log in to WestConnduit and select the "Email" icon in the upper right, or go directly to:

E-Learning (Blackboard Learn):

  • Ask your professors will will be using Blackboard Learn for your classes.
  • You must have a WestConn Windows Account (username and password).
  • To log in to Blackboard Learn, first log in to WestConnduit, select the "Academic Tools" tab, then select "Login to Blackboard Learn".

Your Technology Fee at Work

  • Microsoft Software:
    Students can get free copies of Microsoft Office, Office for Mac, and Windows.

Confused about Terms?

If you are confused with all of the technology terms that you have heard, please visit this helpful guide to IT Terminology at WestConn

Guide to WestConn IT Terminology

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