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Italian Language and Culture: IT 198

Language Requirement

With IT 162 prior to the Intersession in Italy, or with IT 164 after the Intersession in Italy, students will complete WCSU's language requirement.

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Florence, Italy, is the birthplace of the Renaissance and modern Italian language, the heart of Tuscany, a symbol of Italian culture, a prime location for prestigious fashion shops and offers some of the best street markets in the world, not to mention the amazing delicacies! It is home to some of the best museums, including the Uffizi Gallery and L'Accademia. In addition, Florence is also a very convenient city to live and study in; a place that is easy to navigate by foot.

Intersession in Florence, Italy 2012 

WCSU's program is housed at the Florence University of the Arts. The seat of the Florence University of the Arts is located in the historic Palazzo Doni, just a few steps from the splendid Piazza Santa Croce in the quarter of Florence that takes its name from the celebrated church. During the Renaissance period the Palazzo Doni housed famous works of art: the most significant of these is Michelangelo's round painting, Tondo Doni, now in the Uffizi Gallery. The Great Renaissance painter, Raphael, lived in the palace while painting the portraits of the proprietor Agnolo Doni and Maddalena Strozzi. A marble plaque marking his stay can be found in the archway connecting the courtyard to the street thus sealing his presence and artistic spirit within the walls of the present-day institution.

Studying Italian in Italy makes the learning process more natural and fun. This total immersion-experience creates the ideal environment for learning. Students are surrounded by that language - not only in the classroom but in daily living situations.

Students will be housed in double rooms in apartments in the city of Florence, within walking distance of the Florence University of the Arts. Two weekend excursions will be included in this course, and students will have the unique experience of participating in a hands-on cooking class with an Italian chef. Every moment in Florence is a learning opportunity, a chance to enhance linguistic skills and to increase culture awareness.


Professor Patrizia Farina is a native of Italy. She holds a degree in Classical Languages from Universita` degli Studi di Pisa (Italy) and is ABD from University of Alberta (Canada) where she completed her course work towards a PhD in Roman Archaeology. With over 20 years of teaching experience both in Latin and Italian languages, she currently teaches Italian at Western Connecticut State University.


Five intensive daily sessions in Danbury in December will prepare students for the immersion experience in Italy.

December 26 - January 11. (Departure dates may change depending on the best available airfare after all applications and deposits are collected.)