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Puppetry Techniques is a faculty developed class by Liz Popiel.  The puppets and their creators had a presentation in the Reimold Theatre on May 9, 2007 and were represented again in the NY showcase.

Bijhan Clarke portrays his astonishment.

Jen Billingsley sings out loud!

Sarah Ahearn receives a hug.

The "Mirmedon" puppets at the NY Showcase the
last week in May 2007.

The puppets were made by Katie Andrew.

Liz Popiel, the creator of this class writes:

"I made a movie. It is made up of still clips from my puppet class last semester. It is set to the sound track of "BEST IMITATION OF MYSELF" by Ben Folds. I heard the song one day while driving up 684 on the long drive to school. I became obsessed with the lyrics and HAD to do a tribute. Keeping in mind, it is my FIRST experiment at creating a Ken Burns style of documentary in watch and enjoy. It does show the joy the students had in creating their imitations of themselves.

It was a blast to make. The next version will include the students names etc in the credit roll. I was frustrated that I did not have more good pictures. I have to search other sources and when I make the sequel, you will see even more fun stuff.

(students...send your pictures to me if you have any! some of you are missing because I do not have good pictures of you from class) If you liked at all my other puppet clips you will enjoy this!!!"

To see the "Best Imitation of My Puppet" on YOUTUBE Go to:

and go to YOUTUBE and type in "Popiel's Puppets" for more or click links below:

Featuring Frank Beaudry

Featuring Katie Andrew

Featuring Drea Jimenez

Elizabeth Popiel is an Associate Professor of Theatre Arts at WCSU and a Scenic Designer, USA local union 829 IATSE Set Designer: Good Morning America Weekend Edition

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