Nick Mollé

Nick has worked in the theatre (Off Broadway), movies (SAG), and music industries with a few distractions (as a test driver for BMW). He is now promoting an outdoor/wildlife/adventure channel both in Colorado as well as on the web. He produced a Costa Rican adventure in 2007. He says, "I love my work second only to my family. The highlight of 2006 was the visit from the Reimolds. Rich was a major positive influence in my life and their visit reminded me of how important WestConn was to me." 

Nick owns and operates Estes Park’s EPTV Channel 8, offering programming which features the outdoors and outdoor adventure, wildlife, majestic mountain scenery, geological and area history, and other unique features of the Estes Valley area and Rocky Mountain National Park.

He says, "Our latest PBS show "A Walk in the Park
with Nick Molle: Rivers of the Rockies" is running around the country. Last year, "Solar Car: The Secrets of Ra7" with an introduction by Robert Duvall played very well on PBS. It is the story of the solar car race across
Australia that I wrote filmed and edited."  




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