Student Government Association



President: Kevin Freyer

Advisor: Dennis Leszko - SC207

Email Address:

Meeting Times: Every Tuesday at 9PM in Midtown Room 201 or Westside Ballroom

Website Address:


     The Student Government Association is the sole governing body over all student clubs and organizations. Your SGA provides numerous services to the entire WCSU student body. Many are direct support to the student body, as well as representing your interests within policy making bodies on and off campus. Your elected SGA officials are committed to providing all students an opportunity to make the most of your time at WCSU. Below is a list of services SGA consistently provides to the students we represent. Your Student Government Association meets bi-weekly to ensure the interests of all students are addressed. At these senate meetings all proposed legislation is voted on, funding requests for various organizations are voted on, and policies debated to ensure the students are always offered the best in extracurricular enrichment. Any student is welcome to attend these meetings. Students are encouraged to add their voice to any discussion by the SGA. Furthermore, all students are entitled to address the Senate on any matter they would like discussed. Your Student Government Association has four standing committees formed for the sole purpose of dealing with routine student matters. These committees are charged with proposing legislation to the Student Senate to address needs, changes, challenges, injustices, and other matters brought up by the student body. In addition to these standing committees, your SGA often forms ad hoc committees to address specific issues concerning students which fall outside the scope of the standing committees. All of the standing committees generally meet bi-weekly and ad hoc committees meet at various times until the charge of the committee is achieved.



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