Prisma Art Club



President: Kristen Brassard

Advisor: David Skora -

Email Address:

Meeting Times: Thursdays (every other startomg 9/28) 12:00pm in White Hall 314

Website Address:


     Prisma is an organization composed of art majors interested in collaborating on a designed book project which serves as a showcase for their individual and collective work. Each year the project takes a different form reflecting a unique concept which will set it apart from previous Prisma projects. The Prisma book is a showcase for student work as well as a promotional piece for the participants. It is also an opportunity for art majors to experience first hand, the collaborative effort that can go into designing, producing and printing a piece of visual communication. Since this book represents the work of art majors, it will also serve to promote the arts at Western Connecticut State University. This years project is a book with a thematic continuity that will bring a cohesive quality to the finished product. The theme is FUTURE.



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