Philosophy Club



President: John Franz

Advisor: David Capps -

Email Address:

Meeting Times: Every Wednesday at noon in the Haas Library Conference Room 216

Website Address:


     The Philosophy Club has been born out of the idea of bringing the art of scholarly discourse and an educated medium back in society, one individual at a time. As a free market for thoughts, the Philosophy Club invites all contemplations of every sort into is realm of consciousness that leads one from point a to point b. Discussions are hosted once a week that cover everyone from Dennett to Plato and every topic from morals to metaphysics. One does not need to be a philosophy major or philosopher to attend, discussions are informal and lively. The Philosophy club also runs mediation sessions that corresponds with the regular scheduled efforts of World Goodwill and related publications. This club utilizes the twenty-four book set of esoteric philosophy and mediation as written by a leading figure in the founding of World Goodwill. Philosophy club mediation sessions focus on particular techniques, transcendental mediation, guided and independent mediation, with accompanying study and theological scrutiny of Masters, Sages and Philosophers of Eastern traditions. These sessions are open to all students and faculty of WCSU, but cater to the serious and committed students of all theological persuasions



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