O.W.L.S. - Older Wiser Learners



President: Patrick Shea

Advisor: Lisa Peck - Higgins 214

Email Address: shea056@connect.wcsu.edu

Meeting Times: For meeting time and location, please contact club President.

Website Address:


     Older Wiser Learners (O.W.L.s) The WCSU Non-Traditional Student Organization • Are you wondering if you may be the oldest person in your class? • Will you be attending WCSU after being away from school for several years? • Will you be trying to juggle work, family and other obligations along with classes and homework? • Do you wish that you could find a way to ease the transition into academic life by connecting with supportive peers, who have been where you are now (excited, but a bit anxious)? If you answered “yes” to one or all of the above questions, this is your invitation to join the Older Wiser Learners (O.W.L.s), the WCSU Non-Traditional Student Organization. We are a group of adult learners, who offer each other support, encouragement and a few laughs.



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