Math Society



President: Justine Arnold

Advisor: Xiaodi Wang -

Email Address:

Meeting Times: Every Wednesday 4:00pm Math Clinic - Berkshire Hall

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     The purpose of this club is to promote the interest and involvement in the field of mathematics among the students and faculty at WCSU. We in the Math Society, aim to achieve the goal stated above, through the followings: Organizing a monthly Problem Solving Competition, where different areas and disciplines of Mathematics will be tested. Each competition will consist of multiple problems, and winners will be rewarded a prize of $ 50 value. Distributing individual problems, bi-weekly, throughout the school. The problems are relatively difficult and compelling. $ 25 will be rewarded to each winner. Sending outstanding students in the department of Mathematics, to compete in regional, national, and international problem solving competitions. Some of the major competitions are: The Mathematical Association of America’s William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Annual Competition1. Regional mathematics competitions held in the New England region. Central Connecticut State University’s annual Regional Mathematics Competition is one example2. The international annual Modeling Competition MCM. Inspired by previous competitions in which WCSU students had participated, we the administrators in the Math Society, would like to organize our own regional competitions, with the help of the Math faculty at WCSU. Competitions will include: An annual Regional Mathematics Competition, in which undergraduates in neighboring Universities will compete. An annual Regional Mathematics Competition for High School, Middle School, and Elementary School students in the Danbury area. As the tradition been for several years now, we the math society members would like to organize the “p-day” events. March 14th of each year would be an opportunity for WCSU students to get to know faculty and undergraduates in the math department. Various social events will take place, as well as games and competitions. Research is an essential part of being an active member in the department of mathematics. We will be exceptionally focused on organizing research groups. Professors will be asked to present research ideas, as well as advising research groups, whenever time permits. Students will be asked to present their research results during WCSU Research Day, as well as in some regional, national, and international conferences. Organizing monthly seminars, in which guest speakers from WCSU and other universities discuss their latest research ideas and findings with WCSU students and faculty. Seminars and colloquiums will keep the students up-to-date with the latest developments in the ever-expanding world of Mathematics. The Math Society will aim to provide several lectures and study sessions, where professors help students prepare for GRE’s and other graduate entrance exams. The Math Society would pay special attention to upcoming events, where students will have the opportunity to present their research to their peers across the country. These events include: International Conferences such as International conference on Computer Science and Applied Mathematics held each year. The MAA MathFest held each summer. The joint meeting (MAA-AMS) held each winter. Regional Undergraduate Research Conference such as Mid-Hudson Mathematics Conference for Undergraduates held each year.



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