HPX Student Organization



President: Rachel Babecki

Advisor: Emily Stevens - BR 230E

Email Address: babecki002@connect.wcsu.edu/ rivera023@student.wcsu.edu

Meeting Times: Tuesdays 3pm in the Student Center

Website Address: http://www.wcsu.edu/hpx


     The Health Promotion and Exercise Sciences, or HPX, Club works as a community to provide awareness for the enhancement and development of the student health and well-being on campus. While our focus is on the WCSU community, health-related matters affect everyone. Therefore, the HPX Club is committed to learning, drawing from, and incorporating knowledge, techniques, and strategies from WCSU, the Danbury area, and the world at-large to improve quality of life. This year?s goals include: a comprehensive sexual assault and prevention program, programs for stress management and nutrition for college students, activism in the legislative process regarding health matters, a variety of physical activities, participation in breast cancer and AIDS walks in New York City, and attendance to public health conferences in Boston and New Orleans.



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