College Republicans



President: Michael Ferguson

Advisor: Kevin Gutzman - Warner 222

Email Address:

Meeting Times: Every Wed 4pm Student Center Room 209

Website Address:


     The WCSU chapter of College Republicans is a political club that seeks to promote student involvement in campus affairs, as well as in the Republican Party; and also to assist in the elections of Republican candidates to local, state and national offices. We seek to inform the WCSU student body of local, state and/or national affairs that will affect the campus. Furthermore, we wish to express our views to the office holders or those in charge. The club is nationally recognized by the College Republican National Committee, along with the CT Union of College Republicans and locally recognized by the Danbury Republican Town Committee. This chapter has four annually elected officers, President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. This club meets bi-weekly when proposed ideas, fundraising strategies, and other topics are voted upon. Also, recent political news is debated and upcoming events are discussed as well as planned. Furthermore, annual voter registration booths on campus are sponsored by the College Republicans and in most elections College Republicans play an integral part in the operation. Club membership allows for any student to vote on these issues during the bi-weekly meetings. If you have an interest in politics, want to express yourself, have a desire to be involved, and feel that it is the Republican Party that you identify with most of the time than the College Republicans is the place for you.



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