Chemistry Club



President: Michael Smith

Advisor:Dr. Nicolas Greco - Science Building

Email Address:

Meeting Times: Everyother Wednesday starting 9/26/12 at Noon in the Science Building

Website Address:


     The American Chemical Society Student Affiliate Chapter of Western Connecticut State University, or the Chem Club, is dedicated to serving the needs of all students, by helping them gain a better understanding of chemistry. For many, the only contact they will have with the chemistry club is through the tutoring services we offer. For students who are interested in learning more about chemistry we offer field trips, and speakers. In the past we have explored the chemistry of forensic science, the use of spectroscopy in homeland security, cosmetics, and the future of fuel cells. The chemistry club also exists to help in their individual research endeavors. The club travels annually to attend the National ACS convention. While our members tend to be few, we hope to be of service to all students required to take a lab science.



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