Student Technology Training Center

Technology Fee

In the Fall of 1996, all registered students at Western began paying a technology fee as part of their tuition. The money generated from this fee is used to bring technology directly to the students and to enhance their educational and life experiences at the University.

Information Technology & Innovation has and continues to manage the money from the technology fee for the Student Technology Training Center, the library, support for student clubs and organizations, and the residence halls.

Your Technology Fee has already brought you:


  • The Student Technology Training Center (STTC), located on the second floor of the Student Center in room 225, which houses state-of-the-art IBM PC and Apple workstations containing several graphic design software packages.
  • Upgrades of equipment in all of the computing facilities, upgrades of technology in the classrooms including projection units and instructor/student workstations, and personnel employed in the STTC and computing centers.
  • Access to the University network and the Internet from the residence halls. A Residence Hall Network (ResNet) connections provides students with access similar to what they will find in the computer centers and technology classrooms at Western, including the ability to map to class and student shared drives. If you are interested in being connected, visit our ResNet website for more information. ResNet information is also available in the computer centers. Students requesting a network connection from their residence hall will be supplied with an Ethernet cable needed to connect from the wall jack to an Ethernet card on their computer.