School of Professional Studies

School of Professional Studies

2008-2009 SPS Faculty Membership on University and School Wide Committees


Education & Educational Psychology Jan Volpe 2007-2009
Health Promotion and Exercise Jeffrey Schlicht 2008-2010
Nursing Daryle Brown 2007-2009
Social Work Kit Hinga 2008-2010
Parlimentarian   TBA
Music Russell Hirshfield 2006-2009

University Standing Committees 2008-2009

Academic Leave Committee
Elected Teaching Faculty:
Patricia Ivry (SW)                                              2007-2009

Assessment Committee
Elected Teaching Faculty
Robert Veneziano (SW)                                   2007-2009 

Committee on Undergraduate Curriculum & Academic Standards
Lynne W. Clark (with vote)
Elected Teaching Faculty:
Catherine Rice (NUR)                                      2006-2009
Bonnie Rabe (ED)                                             2008-2011

Committee on Distance Education
Aca. Dean, appointed: Lynne W. Clark               2008-2010             
*Janet Burke (ED)                                             2007-2010

Committee on General Education
Daryle Brown (NUR)                                         2007-2010

Educational Achievement and Access Program (EAP)
Elected Teaching Faculty:
Patricia Ivry (SW)                                            2008-2011

Faculty Dev. & Recognition Committee
Elected Teaching Faculty:
Aca. Dean, appointed: Lynne W. Clark               2008-2010             
Kit Hinga (SW)                                                       2007-2010

Graduate Council
Graduate Coordinators
Aca. Dean, Lynne W. Clark (without vote)          2008-2009
Aram Aslanian (ED)                                               2008-2009
Karen Daley (NUR)                                                2008-2009
Marcia Delcourt, Ed.D. program (ED)                  2008-2009
Michael Gilles  (ED)                                              2008-2009
Bonnie Rabe (ED)                                                 2008-2009

Honors Council
Theresa Canada (ED)

Honorary Degree Committee
Darla Shaw (ED)

Information Technology Committee
Prof. Studies Tech. Chairperson, ex officio, Kathleen Hinga (SW)
Institutional Review Board
Marcia Delcourt (ED)                          

Media & Library Services Policy Committee
Elected Teaching Faculty:
Joan Palladino (NUR)                               2008-2011

Mediation Committee
Elected Teaching Faculty:
Joan Palladino (NUR)                               2007-2009

Promotion & Tenure Committee
Elected Tenured Teaching Faculty
Jeff Schlicht (HPX)                                   2007-2009

Research & Development Committee
Elected Teaching Faculty
Robert Veneziano(SW)                                         2007-2010

Student Life Committee
 Elected Teaching Faculty
Marjorie Steinberg (SW)                                       2008-2010

Termination Hearing Committee
Elected Teaching Faculty
Joseph Aina (NUR)                                               2007-2009

University Planning & Budgeting Committee
 Elected Teaching Faculty
Karen Crouse (NUR)                                             2007-2010 
Physical Working Conditions Committee
 Elected Teaching Faculty
Joan Palladino (NUR)                                      2007-2009

University Centers

Center for Collaboration
Director:  Dan Joynt (Emeritus)

Center for the Study of Culture and Values
Theresa Canada (ED)                                           2007-2009              
Presidential Representative(s)

Institute for Holistic Health
Director:  Robyn Housemann (HPX)

Jane Goodall Center/Roots & Shoots
Darla Shaw (ED)

Western International Center Committee
Elected Teaching Faculty
Joseph Aina (NUR)                                               2007-2009
Karen Burke (ED)                                                   2007-2009


School Curricula Program Review Committee:
NUR    Jeanette Lupinacci (Chair)
ED      Bonnie Rabe
HPX    Jody Rajcula    
SW      Robert Veneziano
SPS     Dean Lynne Clark, Ex-Officio
SPS     Assistant Dean Maryann Rossi, Ex-Officio

Education Curricula Review Committee:
ED       Aram Aslanian
ED       Bonnie Rabe
ED       Theresa Canada
ED       Marsha Daria
ED       Edward Duncanson
MAT    David Burns
HX/SS   Alex Standish (Chair)
HIS      Jennifer Durry
HPX    Virginia Verhoff
MUS    Wes Ball
BIO     Theodora Pinou
CHE    Paula Secondo
ES       Alice Chance or Dennis Dawson           
Eng      Maureen Maguire
Spanish   Galina Bakhtiarova
PS Dean           Lynne W. Clark, Ex-Officio
PS Asst.Dean   Maryann Rossi, Ex-Officio
A&S Dean         Linda Vaden-Goad, Ex-Officio
VPA Dean         Carol Hawkes, Ex-Officio
Graduate Dean Ellen Durnin, Ex-Officio

Technology Committee:
ED      Kit Hinga (Chair)
ED       John Caruso
NUR    Laurel Halloran
HPX    Jeffrey Schlicht

SPS DEC Committees and Chairs:
Marjorie Steinberg (Chair)
Rob Veneziano
Patricia Ivry
ED: Kay Campbell (Chair)
Aram Aslanian
Janet Burke
John Caruso
Joseph Cillizza   
Marsha Daria  
Mike Gilles
NUR Carol Avery
Laurel Halloran
Barbara Piscopo (Chair)
MaryAnn Riley
HPX Jody Rajcula (Chair)
Jeff Schlicht

Deans’ Chairs Committee Council:
PS        Lynne W. Clark, Chair
ED       Theresa Canada
HPX    Jody Rajcula
NUR    Karen Crouse
SW      Robert Veneziano
PS       Maryann Rossi

Executive Forum:
SW      Patti Ivry (Director)
SW      Rob Veneziano
PS        Lynne W. Clark (Dean)
PS       Maryann Rossi (Asst. Dean)
MGMT Stanley Bazan
VP IA  Koryoe Anim-Wright
AS      Allen Morton (Dean)
MGMT Fred Tesch (Assoc. Director)

SPS Distinguished Alumni Awards Planning Committee:
PS       Lynne W. Clark, Dean
ED       Darla Shaw
HPX    Virginia Verhoff
NUR    Karen Daley
SW      Marge Steinberg
PS       Maryann Rossi, Chair

SPS Adjunct Appreciation Planning Committee:
ED       Edward Duncanson
HPX    Jeff Schlicht
NUR    Cathy Rice
SW      Rob Veneziano
PS       Maryann Rossi, Chair
PS        Lynne W. Clark, Dean

White Hall Building Committee:
Med Sv Rebecca Woodward (Chair)
MUS    Wes Ball
NUR    Karen Daley
SW      Marjorie Steinberg
ART     Terry Wells
PHI      James Munz
ICH     Laura Piechota
PS       Cheryl Bovat
Ex-Officios: Dr. Lynne W. Clark (PS)
Dr. Linda Vaden-Goad (A&S)
(VP Academic Affairs)
(VP Finance & Administration)
(Director, Planning & Engineering)
Berkshire Hall Building Committee:
HPX Jody Rajcula
COM Hugh McCarney
ENG Oscar De Los Santos
Ex-Officios: Dr. Lynne W. Clark (PS)
Dr. Linda Vaden-Goad (A&S)
(VP Academic Affairs)
(VP Finance & Administration)
(Director, Planning & Engineering)

SPS UG Academic Program Assessment Committee (APA):
SW      Marjorie Steinberg (Chair)
ED       Michael Wilson
HPX    BSHE – Virginia Verhoff
HPX    BS HPS – Jeffrey Schlicht/Robyn Housemann
NUR    Barbara Piscopo
NUR    Ellen Abate
SW      Rob Veneziano
PS       Lynne W. Clark (Ex-Officio)
PS       Maryann Rossi, (Ex-Officio)

Ed.D. Advisory Committee

PS        Lynne W. Clark
ED       Kay Campbell
ED       Marcia Delcourt
ED      Karen Burke
ED       Theresa Canada
GR       Ellen Durnin

Other Committees 2008-09

WCSU Women of WestConn (WOW) Planning Committee
Daryle Brown (NUR), Chair
Patti Ivry (SW)

WCSU Minority Recruitment and Retention Committee
Bonnie Rabe (ED)

WCSU/Danbury Women’s Center
Aram Aslanian (ED)

WCSU Common Read Book Committee
Jeanette Lupinacci (NUR)

WCSU American Democracy Project Committee
Lynne W. Clark (PS)
Patti Ivry (SW)
Kit Hinga (SW)
Maryann Rossi (PS)
Leah Stambler (ED)

WCSU WRD Planning Committee
Karen Crouse (NUR)
Cathy Rice (NUR)

WCSU Commencement Committee
Daryle Brown (NUR)

WCSU Smithsonian Committee
Maryann Rossi (PS)

WCSU Presidents Initiative Fund Committee
Patricia Moreland (NUR)

Strategic Planning Academic Committee
Lynne Clark (PS)       

WCSU Strategic Planning Enrollment Management Committee
Marge Steinberg (SW)

WCSU Orientation Committee
Lynne Clark (PS)
Maryann Rossi (SPS)

Western Connection Program Advisory Board
Lynne Clark (SPS)
Darla Shaw (ED)

International Magnet School Collaboration
Lynne Clark (SPS), Chair
Marsha Daria (ED)
Darla Shaw (ED)
Ed Duncanson (ED)
Janet Burke (ED)
Mike Gilles (ED)
Bonnie Rabe (ED)

CSU Faculty Research Conference
Marcia Delcourt (ED)

CSU Trustee Research and Teaching Awards Review Committee
Barbara Piscopo (NUR)