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Macricostas School of Arts and Sciences – Student Awards

Dean’s List
Each semester the Dean identifies those students in the Macricostas School of Arts and Sciences who have achieved a grade point average of “B+” (3.50) in a minimum graded course load of twelve semester hours.
Dean’s Award
The Dean’s Award, a framed certificate, recognizes academic excellence and breath of knowledge exhibited throughout the student’s undergraduate career at Western. The name of the recognized student is also inscribed on a plaque which hangs in the Dean’s Office.
Recipients of the Dean’s Award since 1990
Thomas E. Gregory, 1990 
Jill S. Pipczynski, 1991 
Glen V. White, 1992 
Amy M. Lyons, 1993 
Scott H. Mitchell, 1994 
Christie C. White, 1995 
Cynthia Chmielewski, 1996 
Robert A. Lanczycki, 1997 
Khalid Ahmad Noori, 1998 
Matthew J. Czikowsky, 1999
Samantha Stevenson-Michener, 2000
Guenevere Burke, 2001
Dana Lee Marek, 2002
Michael J. Erikson, 2003
Elizabeth R. Amrhein, 2004
Shawn M. Dyer, 2005
Kami K. Bacon, 2006
Galina Filipova, 2007
Brittany Serke, 2008
Grace B. Wheeler Robertson Scholarship
The Grace B. Wheeler Robertson Scholarship is awarded annually to three outstanding sophomore students, to be used in the junior and senior years. The University’s three Schools each select one scholarship recipient, based on outstanding academic ability.
Recipients of the Grace B. Wheeler Robertson Scholarship since 1990
Letla I. Chabine, 1990 
Janet DeCarlo, 1991 
Margaret M. Chatpuis, 1992 
Elizabeth F. Winthrop, 1993 
Faisal Hussain, 1994 
Khalid Ahmad Noori, 1995 
Jose D. Vasquez, Jr., 1996 
Rodd M. Ware, 1997 
Kathleen M.Eifert, 1998 
Sonia Paul, 1999
Dana L Marek, BA, Chemistry, 2000
Tara A Wertel, BA, Chemistry, 2001
Kristine Falconieri, BA, English, 2002
Diana L Wagner, BA, Biology, 2003
Department Special Awards and Scholarships
In the Macricostas School of Arts and Sciences, there are over thirty annual Department Recognition Awards and Scholarships. See the University Catalog for a current listing of scholarships. Contact Departments as to the eligibility requirements of their awards.
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