14th Annual CSU Psychology Day
Poster Session, Thursday May 12, 2011

Poster Abstract Submission Form

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Long Abstract: Please attach on a separate page a typed description (not to exceed 750 words) of what your poster will be about.

Short Abstract: Please attach on a separate page a typed description (50 words maximum). The short abstract will be used in the program brochure.

Note. If you are describing an empirical study, you should identify the research question (hypothesis), methodology, results, and conclusions.

If you are describing an internship, you should include the name of the agency, when you did your internship, and some of the activities you did.

If you are describing a literature review, you should present an overview of the issue you researched and summary of your conclusions.

Submit this form and abstracts electronically to: KutherT@wcsu.edu or FlanaganR@wcsu.edu  

Deadline for receipt of materials April 29, 2011

* If more than 2 authors, list additional names here:

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Questions? Contact Dr. Rondall Khoo at203.837.8727 or KhooR@wcsu.edu

Psychology Day Local Committee: Dr. Rondall Khoo (chair), Dr. Norine Jalbert, Dr. Robin Flanagan, Dr. Tara Kuther, and Dr. Patricia O'Neill

This conference was funded in part by Psi Chi, The International Honor Society in Psychology [www.psichi.org]