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When the Northwest Conservation District presented its annual awards in October 2010, in Kent, Conn., WCSU Professor of Political Science Dr. Chris Kukk was among those honored.

Kukk received the Conservation Educator Award in recognition of his extraordinary commitment to the protection of natural resources and to the creation and sustainability of civil society. Kukk, who spoke at the event about “Local Waters, Global Answers,” has traveled extensively and taken Western students to conduct research on global water issues.

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Professor of Political Science Dr. Christopher Kukk (third from left in the center row), traveled to China to discuss water conservation issues in that nation. Pictures with Kukk are U.S. Water Here & There International Fellows with Chinese representatives, including a Communist Party leader from the city of Yinchuan, a water expert and professor from Ningxia University and the vice president for the International Fund for China’s Environment. The discussion focused on the establishment of a market for water rights in Ningxia.