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"Crossing Borders"

Students in Assistant Professor of Social Sciences Dr. Damla Isik’s anthropology class learned more about the world through intimate discussions on race, religion and other socio-cultural issues at the April screening of “Crossing Borders” directed by German filmmaker Arnd Wächter, who was at the screening held in the university’s Science Building on the Midtown campus. The film documents the story of four American and four Moroccan college students who travel together through Morroco and probe into Muslim and American views of each other.

The documentary has received global attention, winning awards in United States film festivals including the Illinois International Film Festival and the Honolulu Film Festival. In Greece, the film was featured in the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival.

The film was followed by a Q&A with Wächter.

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Filmmaker Arnd Wächter speaks to an anthropology class as Assistant Professor of Social Sciences Dr. Damla Isik and Professor of Social Sciences Dr. Robert Whittemore look on.