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Girl Scouts of Connecticut CEO speaks at graduate commencement ceremony

Jennifer Smith Turner, CEO of Girl Scouts of Connecticut (GSC), spoke to students receiving graduate and doctoral degrees on Friday, May 21, in the Feldman Arena of the William O’Neill Athletic and Convocation Center.

Turner inspired graduates with these words:

"Graduations are so significant; they mark momentous milestones throughout our lives. Think for a moment about a group of young children, poised for their class photograph while in grade school. Can you see the smiling faces, the nervous and anxious hands of those told to sit in front; the shyness of the one child who stands in the back row towering above all the other children; the class clown who wants to put two fingers above the classmate’s head; the pressed smile of the child who is missing two front teeth?

"Think about that image — now look for yourself in that class photo. Do you see the little girl, the little boy whose visage is filled with innocence and playfulness? Do you see the hope and possibility in their faces? Do you remember the feeling of complete trust and wonderment? Can you feel it? Can you hold on to that feeling, that image?"

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Clockwise from top:
Jennifer Smith Turner, CEO of Girl Scouts of Connecticut, speaks to students during the graduate commencement ceremony; Professor of Writing, Linguistics and the Creative Process Dr. John Briggs hugs a student; graduates respond to Smith Turner.