Philosophy and Humanistic Studies Department

Humanistic Studies Course List

The current list of humanistic studies classes that we offer is below. (We are in the process of developing many new classes, so this list will soon expand.)

Please note the following:

  • All humanistic studies classes will count toward the General Education humanities distribution requirement. For this GE requirement you need to take a total of 5 courses in the humanities and as many as 3 of those can be philosophy or humanistic studies courses.
  • All humanistic studies classes at the 100 and 200 levels have no prerequisites and are open to all students. All of these classes can serve as good introductory classes. The 200 level classes are more focused on a specific area, theme or topic than the 100 level classes, but they are still intended as introductory classes and any motivated student can do well in a 200-level humanistic studies class.
  • The University Catalogue hasn’t been updated to reflect changes we recently made in our curriculum, so if you notice differences between the list below and the Catalogue don’t be alarmed. The course names, numbers and prerequisites on this list are all up to date.

Current classes:

Current humanistic studies courses as of March 6, 2015

HUM 100 Conceptions of Society

HUM 101 Our Relation to Nature

HUM 102 Art and Experience

HUM 110 Moral Issues in Modern Society

HUM 113 Comparative Religions

HUM 114 The Greek Experience

HUM 115 Philosophical Issues in Literature

HUM 116 The Human Condition

HUM 117 Love in Western Civilization

HUM 119 The Human Adventure: Journeys, Quests, Pilgrimages

HUM 120 The Search for Meaning in Contemporary America

HUM 212 Technology and Humanity

HUM 226 EcoPhilosophy & The American Conservation Movement

HUM 242 Gnosticism

HUM 262 The Family and the State