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  • 2017 Summer Olympics Seniors

  • 2017 Summer Olympics Juniors

  • 2017 Summer Olympics Seniors

  • Summer 2017 ConnCAP/Upward Bound/Excel Programs

  • 2017 Summer ConnCAP/Upward Bound/Excel Program

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  • W.A.V. Ropes Teambuilding activity

  • 2017 Summer Olympics

  • W.A.V. Ropes Teambuilding Activity

The Western Connecticut State University ConnCAP/Upward Bound Program is an opportunity for high school students to develop their academic potential and achieve their goal of admission into a post-secondary educational program. The program serves Danbury High School students in families where neither parent has completed a 4-year college degree and/or low income families whose taxable income is within our eligibility guidelines.*

The ConnCAP/Upward Bound Program is a year round program serving 140 Danbury High School students in grades 9th – 12th. The program begins recruiting students at the end of 8th grade to develop and strengthen their academic skills over the next four years.

Over the course of the four years, each student participates in a leadership building activity which challenges the students and  promotes self-confidence and goal setting skills, as well as learning the importance of team work and social-personal responsibilities. These skills are developed through technical rock climbing, canoeing, caving, backpacking, and meeting the challenge of a high rope course.

A mandatory six-week, nonresidential summer program is conducted at Western Connecticut State University. This summer program is designed to prepare students academically and socially for the upcoming school year. Students are given an introduction to the major courses they will be taking in the fall. Career and college counseling courses are offered, as well as supplementary classes which address issues effecting today’s teens. Students participate in educational and cultural trips, college tours and attend college preparatory workshops on a weekly basis.

During the academic year, each student receives an academic advisor who monitors their academic and behavioral progress. Student progress is shared with parents at the end of each marking period, during Parent Conferences. The ConnCAP/Upward Bound Program works collaboratively with students, parents, teachers, and guidance counselors to assure that students will work towards their academic potential.  After school tutoring and various workshops such as Study Skills, S. A. T. Preparation, and Financial Aid Awareness are offered. The ConnCAP/Upward Bound Program involves students in their school and community through community service, thereby enabling the facilitation of a sense of community and unity developed over the summer.

ConnCAP (Connecticut Collegiate Awareness and Preparation Program) is funded by the Connecticut Department of Higher Education. The Upward Bound Program is funded by the US Department of Education, along with supplementary grants from the Danbury Board of Education.

In short, the Western Connecticut State University ConnCAP/Upward Bound Program stands for respect for others, respect for yourself, and for the pursuit of lifelong learning!

*Please call our office for the current income guidelines.

Danbury High School ConnCAP / Upward Bound Office Information:
Location: DHS, Room B212C (across from Cafeteria)
Jessica Coronel, Assistant Director
Email: or
Office Phone:  203-731-8276
Office Hours:
Monday:        7:30am to 2:30pm
Tuesday:        7:30am to 3:00pm
Wednesday:  7:30am to 3:00pm
Thursday:      7:30am to 3:00pm
Friday:           7:30am to 2:30pm

PLEASE NOTE:  Trips, Activities and Schedules are Subject to Change.

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