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Standard 1 : Mission and Purposes

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Standard 2 : Planning and Evaluation

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Standard 3 : Organization and Governance

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Standard 4 : Programs and Instruction

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Standard 5 : Faculty

  • It is a nightmare to find people working within WCSU who are willing to take ownership on helping students. The lack of help I have gotten has cost me dearly. My adviser shows little to no interest on getting me graduated as a result I have taken the same classes twice and gotten A's in both WCSU and my community college. I was enrolled for an entire semester before I even met him. When I ask him questions its always see so and so or go to main and see this office. People in main have referred to him as "lazy" and "incompetent" 
  • The course list for Computer science to not accurately reflect the job postings out in the real world.
  • I feel like I am forced to take COBOL I in order to graduate because WCSU assumes the only job I am going to be able to find after graduation is at a bank.It should be mandatory for anyone graduating in MIS to get hands on with network cables, switches, routers, hubs, racks, server operating systems and applications and ESPECIALLY PROJECT MANAGEMENT.


Standard 6 : Student Services

  • jobs offered here at WestConn for student workers is a wonderful things and perfect for those who don't have a car. Life could be complicated when you depend on city transportant and a waste of time because it might take them longer to get to your destination. Campus job is perfect for busy students who want to work in between classes and save money. Thanks.


Standard 7 : Library and Information Resources

  • Library section, p. 92  sentence starting with "The decrease in demand" , change "offset by some degree by " to "offset to some degree by the usage of"
    Change in sentence starting " While electronic sources costs often exceeding"  Change "exceeding" to "exceed"


Standard 8 : Physical Resources

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Standard 9 : Financial Resources

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Standard 10 : Public Disclosure

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Standard 11 : Integrity

This is an issue regarding the WCSU Department of Education and how they fail to be accountable to students. The Education department and the Admissions department both claim that the State of Connecticut will not allow them to accept student unless they have a certain cumulative GPA. Nor will the state of Connecticut allow WCSU Department of Education to make allowances visa vi waivers for such a situation. Note: SCSU has a lower GPA requirement and a waiver option for this requirement. In speaking with Dr. House I finally managed to get the accurate information. From the information he provided me from the state of Connecticut, it indicated that the cumulative GPA was a suggested guideline and that institution could utilize waivers for this requirement if necessary. So based on this information, the state does not create the policies WCSU uses but rather provides a structure for them to follow. Yet both of these fore mentioned departments continue to purport that the steadfast policy of cumulative GPA without any other remedy are due to the State of Connecticut. Both of these departments at WCSU need to be accountable for lying to the students they are refusing into the Education program. WCSU needs to be transparent, responsible and accountable to these students. The Education department needs to be accountable for its lying, just like it holding these students accountable for their GPAs. Needless to say students spending tens of thousands of dollars on an education cannot afford, integrity at WCSU to be more than just words in a mission statement.


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