MAT 098, Elementary Algebra and MAT 100, Intermediate Mathematics


Descriptions and Policies


Mat 098 and Mat 100 courses are offered via three different modes of delivery, Self-paced (SP), Self-paced with Lecture (SP-L) and Lecture (L).  To determine which type of class you are registering for simply click on the 5-digid CRN in banner.   In each type of class, there is an instructor present and available for help during all class meetings.  For all Mat 098 and 100 classes, attendance is mandatory, and rules of attendance are strictly adhered to.  Failure to adhere to the attendance policy will result in a letter from the department chair to the student, followed by a second letter to the student’s advisor and school dean, and finally, a phone call from the department chair.  The department enacted these policies after careful analyses of student performance in the classes.  It was found that students who attend class pass the class at a significantly higher rate than students who do not attend class.  Students taking Mat 098 in an SP or SP-L class have the opportunity to pass both Mat 098 and Mat 100 during the same semester. 


Definitions of class types


Self-paced – These classes are totally student directed.  Students work at their own pace using a web based learning system.  Concepts have been designated for students to master.  Students are directed through these concepts based on their performance on periodic assessments.  Passing levels for Mat 098 and 100 are preset, based on these concepts.  An instructor is available in class to help students with concepts they cannot grasp from the computer-generated explanations.  The instructor might choose to lead a discussion with the entire class if he/she sees that all students are having trouble in a particular area.  The web based learning system that is currently being used for these classes is ALEKS.  


Students who are self-motivated, comfortable using the computer, like flexible learning schedules and are able to set their own goals and study times are best served with SP classes.  This is not an online class - attendance is mandatory.


Students in SP MAT 098 classes may complete the course requirements as quickly as they like.  Once a student shows he/she has met all the proficiencies for MAT 098 they will be allowed to continue with MAT 100 in the same semester.  Many students are able to complete both MAT 098 and 100 in a single semester, making this an ideal mode for students who place below their actual abilities.


Self-paced with lecture – These classes use both a web based learning system, and instructor lectures.  All students are expected to participate in the lecture portion of the class, which generally runs about 1/3 of the class time.  During the remaining time in class, students work at their own pace through lessons on the computer.  At this time, the instructor is available for help and support.  All students are required to complete a departmental midterm and final as part of their assessment.  This is done using the computer.  Instructors may, additionally, require homework and quizzes as part of the student assessment.  The web based learning system that is currently being used for these classes is MyMathLab.


Students who are self-motivated and comfortable using the computer, are best served with SP-L classes.  Learning schedules are less flexible than the SP classes, which helps those students who need more rigid goals and schedules, although students can work ahead if they are so motivated.


Students in SP-L MAT 098 classes may work ahead of the class to complete the course requirements more quickly.  As with the SP courses students who pass the MAT 098 final are allowed to continue with MAT 100 in the same semester.


Lecture – These classes use the traditional lecture style delivery.  Students all work at the same pace, doing the same problems and examples.  Most of the work is completed using traditional paper and pencil delivery.  All students are required to complete a departmental midterm and final as part of their assessment.  Some homework and tests can be assigned to be completed using the web based learning system, currently MyMathLab. 


These classes best serve those students who need the structure of a traditional classroom setting.  Students who have been ‘away from’ mathematics for a long time and who are not comfortable using the computer generally will do better in these classes.