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  WCSU Official Mathematics Placement Policy

Initial placement for first year and transfer students will be determined by SAT scores as described in the table below.  Any student wishing to place into a course higher than that indicated by the SAT score may take the Elementary Algebra (EA) Accuplacer test.  Placement levels for the EA Accuplacer test are also indicated in the table below.

All CSUS universities have adopted a threshold score of 550 in the SAT Mathematics Test as the measure of proficiency for entering freshmen.  Students scoring below the 550 threshold are classified as remedial.  Students scoring below 500 on the SAT must register for MAT 100P.  A passing grade in MAT 100P is the same as a passing grade in MAT 100.  Students scoring below 500 may also take MAT 095 at any Connecticut community college or an equivalent course at another institution before taking MAT 100 at WCSU (transfer courses need to be approved in advance.)


SAT Score

Course Eligibility


-SAT 490 or below

-ACT: 1-17

-Accpl: less than 70 EA  

MAT 100P: Intermediate Algebra Plus. First order linear equations, manipulation of algebraic expressions, solution of linear equations and inequalities, graphing and applications

-SAT 500-540

-ACT: 18-21

-Accpl: 70-84 EA

MAT 100:  Intermediate Mathematics.  Polynomials and rational expressions; algebraic techniques including solution of first and second degree  equations and inequalities; solution of systems of equations and inequalities; graphing of linear equations and applications; exponential functions and logarithms


General Education/Precalculus


-SAT 550-590

-ACT: 22-23

-Accpl: 85 EA or above

MAT 110, 113, 118, 127, 120, 133 and 170 and any other general education math course for which MAT 100 is the only prerequisite


-SAT 600 and above

-ACT: 24-36

-Accpl: 85 EA or higher and a grade of B in HS precalc course

MAT 110, 113, 118, 127, 120, 133, 165, 170 and 181 or any general education math courses for which MAT 100 or MAT 133 is a prerequisite.


-AP Calculus for a 3 or higher on the AP Calculus AB test

A score of 3 or higher in the AB portion of the exam gives four credit hours towards Calculus I MAT 181


Taking the Placement Test

The Accuplacer test is administered by the Admissions office for students who desire a placement higher than indicated by the SAT (or ACT) score.  For information about testing times and locations see the admissions web site.  It is recommended that students try one or more of the practice tests below before taking the Accuplacer.

Practice Tests (requires Adobe Reader)

Practice Test A

Practice Test B

Practice Test C

Answer Key


Modified 11 June, 2014 , DRB