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 Welcome to the WCSU Math Emporium Web Page

 Below are some links to information about how Emporium courses work, videos about getting started with Emporium courses and MyMathLab, etc.

 Workbook, Homework and Exam Schedules for Spring 20187

 Schedule for Classes and Teaching Assistants for Spring 2018

             1.  How to register for MyMathLab if you have never used Pearson's website, or if you have forgotten your log-in information
How to register for MyMathLab if you have previously registered for a course with Pearson and remember your username and password.
How to use the Workbook in Emporium courses
How to complete homework.
How to use the Math Emporium Time Log App (for 100P students only)

Here is a link to the Math Emporium channel on WCSU's MediaSpace.  Here you will find all of the instructional videos for students as alternatives to those in the MAT-098/100/100P e-textbook.  These were recorded here at WCSU by the coordinator and some of the Math Department Faculty.  You will need to sign-in using your Banner username and password.



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