Human Resources - Action Verbs to Use in Job Analysis

Present   Offer for consideration.
Promote Offer for consideration in a manner intended to attract favorable attention and influence acceptance or support.
Purpose Offer for acceptance or adoption.
Provide Furnish necessary information or services.
Recommend Offer for acceptance and support a course of action to persons responsible for approval or authorization.
Review Critically examine (completed work, reports, performance) to amend or improve.
Serve Actively carry out duties within the framework of a specialized activity, such as a committee.
Superintend Plan, organize, and control a function to achieve an organizational objective by leading and directing subordinates without giving detailed supervision. (Also see manage and supervise.)
Supervise Instruct subordinates in details of the work they perform (either directly or by enforcement of well-established rules), allot work, observe performance in detail and work with subordinates to improve performance.


Assure To give confidence to someone.
Ensure To make certain.
Insure To protect against loss.
Affect  To influence: implies the producing of an effect (cause) strong enough to evoke a reaction.
Effect To cause: applied to that which is directly produced by action, process or agent.








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