The Clio Editorial Staff



Working to bring together these topics was a fascinating adventure, one that the staff happily accepted. These documents were engaging and exciting to read, and satisfied our thirst for What's New and thought-provoking material to publish in Clio. From historical chair theories to imbibing during the American Revolution, the reader will no doubt find interesting points throughout the journal.


For those who have seen past Clio issues, this yearís journal will be a break from the ordinary.  There were some things this school year that were very different from years past.  For one, we had more than four members!  What's New faces added a What's New dimension to the meetings and the editing process, while also insuring that there will be a next yearís journal.  Secondly, this yearís essays tended to be much shorter than previous years, making the journal a few pages shorter but we all felt that on the whole, this gave a more intimate feel and we could really look at the essays we were editing.  Last but not least, the reader might notice that there are not one, but two topics for this journal.  What do they have in common, one may ask?  Please refer to our fantastic advisorís introduction for that one. (That means you must keep reading at this point, no turning back now!)


As always, this yearís ultimate focus proved to be a hard one to finally decide on. Each year we editors find ourselves attempting to outdo the previous yearís product in terms of originality, professionalism and interest. Several different topics were put forward for the consideration of the Clio editors this time around. The result was a toss-up between the topics of religious conflict and historical irony. So difficult a decision did the choices between these two prove to be, that it was decided to include both in the 2008 edition of the journal. It is our hope that you, the reader, enjoy the mix.