Jane Goodall Center : What is Permaculture?

How to get involved?

Please email Dr. Laurie Weinstein at weinsteinl@wcsu.edu or Garden Manager, Roman Mendieta medieta002@connect.wcsu.edu, if you have some time to commit and a desire to help.
All are welcome!

Due to budgetary cuts, The Jane Goodall Center for Environmental Excellence at WCSU is in need of your support. Your contribution will help us maintain and grow this initiative on our campuses. In addition to using the garden for course curriculum across many disciplines, we aim to provide healthy food for our students and local food pantries and provide an opportunity for everyone to reconnect with the earth and each other.

A special thanks to Ashley Kenney, our Garden Manager for the 2015-2016 growing season.  Her enthusiasm and vision for the garden moved us forward by leaps and bounds.  Throughout her tenure, Ashley’s hard work and dedication had a positive impact on all of our volunteers and visitors.

Roman Mendieta, is a junior majoring in Bio-Chemistry at WCSU. He has been a steadfast volunteer for the Jane Goodall Permaculture Garden and this year he’s stepped up to serve as our Garden Manager. We’re so pleased to welcome him in that role and look forward to accomplishing all of the great things he has planned for the garden!

Be sure to read the Message from the Garden Manager to see all of the great things planned for the Spring 2017 Garden!

Courses that have utilized the Jane Goodall Permaculture Garden for hands-on-learning include:
ANT 100: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
HUM 101: Our Relation to Nature
ENV/SS 250: Society and the Environment
ANT: 400: Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoot
WRT 298: Environmental and Nature Writing

The garden also serves as a backdrop for lectures, events and university tours.

Please visit the WCSU Foundation page link here:  https://alumni.wcsu.edu/permaculture and give what you are able. It is tax-deductible and every dollar helps!
Be sure to note that your donation is intended for the JGC at WCSU.

Thanks for your support!